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“They Don't Want Him!”

(7 Articles)

Article 2: Jesus knows when our desire to come under His lordship is less than the desire for the lordship of another. He knows when we have crossed the line, when, at our crossroads, our decisions to obey are outnumbered by our decisions to go the other way.

Article 7: You are a small part of most. Most influence you, insist you belong and live accordingly. And that's okay if most is okay. But it ain't if it ain't.

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Far and Near

(10 Articles)

Article 1: Positionally, we are equal. The Lord has given everyone everything. We are “heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ.” But not so relationally. Whereas our position is determined by Christ, our relationship is determined by Christ and us. It's the and us part of Christ and us that's the problem.

Article 7: One day Mannie will be up there looking back on her time here. She will realize fully it would not have cost her anything to give. Had she given little, the Lord would have replenished her little; had she given much, the Lord would have replenished her much. He is like that.

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Vines and Branches

(10 Articles)

Article 1: From your Master's perspective, you are a branch. Jesus Christ calls you a branch and a branch is what you should consider yourself to be.

Article 10: This is a war, has been since Adam botched it, and every earthling is in it. The church is the only force equipped to do battle against the enemy of the dark, and the condition of our planet suggests we must learn proficiency.

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Leave or Stay?

(7 Articles)

Article 1: Leave the evangelical church system, or stay and make the best of it. Most likely you have never read a book dealing with this pointed question. (Perhaps such a book has yet to be invented.)

Article 7: A house is an evangelical church minus, minus, minus. Minus all the stuff. Minus the collection plate. Minus the bulletin. Minus the board of whatever. Minus the hierarchy. Minus the building. Minus, minus, minus.

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So You Want to Start a House Church

(7 Articles)

Article 2: For a house church to be successful, the group must regulate themselves in the same manner an individual is to regulate him/herself. This is simple and this is important and this is the topic of this article.

Article 7: A takeover is when one takes over. A takeover is a controller scoring big-time. He has nabbed the controls and now is content.

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Financing the Great Commission

(Short Book)

Page 3: Income costs. A man invests a certain amount of life to attain a certain income. Spending that income is spending life. Spending money is spending time.

Page 19: Why is it that fundamental churches are divided over other issues and yet seem to be in agreement on the subject of tithing? Why have other regulations of the Mosaic Law been shunned and this particular regulation so warmly embraced?

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The Way It Is - confronting evangelical traditions


Page 5: It is not 'the way it was' that we adulate, nor the way it is to others, but the way it is in our camp. Their ways are silly; our ways are sacred. It is only because our ways are true that we have embraced them. Or so we think.

Page 225: The prime obstacle to evangelism is the homage Christians render to Christians. The way it is produces the effect of “branches” abiding in “branches”, an inversion and perversion.

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Pulpit Power - a pastor, a plumber, a pulpit


INTRODUCTION: A pastor, a plumber, a pulpit. Bryden Falls Community Christian Center. Bryden Falls.... skirting the Canada-U.S. border.... somewhere in western Canada. The Challengers.... a church men's baseball team.... in a secular league. Challenging American baseball supremacy.

CHAPTER 9: With an enormous effort Roo pulled the partly buried body out of the grave, plopped it on its back onto the lawn, and shook the lifeless body up and down, thumping Tree's back against the ground, pounding air into his lungs. Then two big hands grabbed Roo's shirt, the stark look of terror returned to the whitened face.

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A Catholic No More


Page 2: Indignation is scarce. Men are not men and women are not women. The Adders and Subtracters have paved various ways. Negotiators and Compromisers seat each other in places of prominence. The lordship of Christ in heaven, the lordship of Christians on earth.

Page 7: Storms do come, rain does descend, flood waters do rise, winds do blow, every house is tested. Your house, my house, his house, her house, their houses.

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95 Theses

(As printed in Kelowna's newspapers on June 24th, 2009)

Theses is the plural of thesis. A thesis is a proposition or statement to be considered, discussed, and possibly disputed. Martin Luther wrote his famous “95 Theses” in 1517, a challenge to accepted religious beliefs and practices. My “95 Theses” is a compilation of reflections and teachings spanning 37 years of christianity, challenging evangelical beliefs and practices.

Thesis # 14: Faithfulness to Christ is faithfulness to the Bible. Disobedience to the Bible is disobedience to Christ.


Like Really?

(A VideoBook)

Chapter 25: What is a VideoBook? A VideoBook is a book of videos. Like every book, my book is complete with chapters. Instead of reading, you listen. I add a chapter, a 10-minute video, every sunday morning.

Chapter 16: Lord Jesus taught us, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” He who has your treasure (e.g. money) has your heart. Not only do you deposit your money into that collection plate on sunday mornings, you are also depositing a piece of your heart.



Evolution vs Creation

(Issue # 1)

Page 4: Why is it when you first laid eyes on a computer you immediately knew someone made it, but when you look at yourselves in a mirror you do not come to the same conclusion? Could a computer just happen? Yet you are much more complex.

Page 7: Truth isn't so hard to find if you really want to find it. It's like searching for a heater in a dark room. The closer you get the warmer it feels. The closer you get to truth the warmer it feels. Truth feels good. It can be found.


Jehovah’s Witnesses

(Issue # 2)

Page 1: Bringing their teachings, prophecies and history into public view is the right thing to do. After reading this publication of The Main Issue you will be more informed about the Watchtower Society than Jehovah Witnesses themselves, with few exceptions.

Page 9: Many husbands have lost their wives, and subsequently their children, to the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of Brooklyn, New York. You think it can't happen to you? Think again. It has happened to husbands all over the world.


The Bible

(Issue # 3)

Page 1: Your problem has a remedy. That remedy is found in the Bible, the book that changes lives and sets people free. Surely it makes good sense to determine for oneself the actual caliber of this most intriguing book.

Page 12: The scrolls remained undisturbed until a shepherd boy threw a stone through a small opening of one of the caves nineteen hundred years later, in 1947. The boy's tribe had no idea of the value of the find. They removed some of the scrolls from the cave and carried them place to place.


Heaven and Hell

(Issue # 4)

Page 1: Caution! Brace yourself for an extraordinary ride as The Main Issue takes you through an excursion that will surely impact your life. Indeed, to read it may take a pinch of courage.

Page 20: I was suddenly taken into the spiritual realm, into the place of the departed souls, those who had died without receiving Christ as their personal savior. God let me feel what they felt. I experienced the agony of eternal separation, and it is this sense of eternal hopelessness I am trying to convey.


Christ the Healer

(Issue # 5)

Page 2: [Jesus] said, “I have come down from heaven, not to do My own will, but the will of Him who sent Me.” To know if it is God's will to heal, simply examine His life.

Page 6: John Lake is one of the heroes of the faith. A hero of the faith is one who has done exploits, not by his own ability and strength, but by faith in God. Lake is an example of what can be accomplished by anyone having childlike trust in God.


Two Kingdoms

(Issue # 6)

Page 2: It was high noon and it was hot. The horses were fidgety, kicking up dust. A couple of youngsters fled in panic. Bulky barber and slim storekeeper and bald banker peered out their windows. Black Hat was confident, smirking, cigar stub in his mouth, real mean looking. No one was faster.

Page 11: Children are at the mercy of adults. Adults lead, children follow. Children become what adults are. Their schooling begins early, in the crib. In a world dripping with the occult, the child has little hope of staying clean.


Christianity vs Religion

(Issue # 7)

Page 1: Religion holds a certain respectability with man, but not so with God. Religion is a counterfeit to His redemption plan – that plan being His only begotten Son.

Page 21: She has already confessed her sin to God, but that won't suffice. The priest must hear. She must share her dark secret with an unmarried man.


Heroes of the Faith

(Issue # 8)

Page 4: “We have come to search your house.” After three hours of searching they take Haralan away for “a little questioning”. The interrogation led to thirteen years of imprisonment and torture, his crime being his love for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Page 7: Kaboo was instantly healed and strengthened. He could now run though seconds before he couldn't stand. And run he did, as fast as he could, straight into the jungle, his enemies in pursuit.


You… In Perspective

(Issue # 9)

Page 5: The things you see, and especially the things you read and hear, are very much responsible for the product produced – that product being you. Words come from all directions – family, friends, teachers, business associates, pastor or priest. And the mass media.

Page 15: If Jesus had not invited you into His kingdom you would not have to decide. But He did and you do. A non-reply is considered a refusal.


Jesus Christ

(Issue # 10)

Page 1: More songs are song about and to Jesus than any other. More than any, He has affected the world. At this moment, millions are worshipping Jesus from a heart of deep love and gratitude.

Page 14: Paul was quite aware that Jesus died for every man, woman and child. But he also realized that Jesus died for him individually. You, too, can say, “The Son of God loves ME and gave Himself for ME”

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