Who is Larry Jones?

*** I am 76 years old, a resident of Kelowna, BC, Canada, “born of the Spirit” way back in February 1972.

*** I am a serious and dedicated follower of Jesus Christ.

*** I am not licensed, never have been and never will be.

*** I am not associated with a local church assembly.

*** I am in daily pursuit of Christ, the cry of my heart being the same as that of Paul, “that I might know Him”.

*** I am a writer and most of my writings are directed to evangelicals (and those of other religions), calling my brothers and sisters back to “first love”.

*** I am cautious to never write except by the timing and direction of the most Holy Spirit.

*** I am of the opinion that Jesus Christ never birthed any religion after His death and resurrection (a religion being a compilation of non-biblical teachings and traditions).

*** I am of the opinion religion and religionists compete with Jesus Christ for the affection and loyalty of His saints.

*** I am of the opinion the “head of the church” has raised up voices to expose religion and religionists while calling saints back into intimacy, and I am but one of these voices.