I warmly welcome you to The Main Issue. And I trust you will find each issue interesting and helpful. I would like to thank my friends Carl and Robyn – husband and wife – who have agreed to contribute to the design of the first page of each issue. Articles not written by myself are clearly acknowledged. Thanks to all who helped with the construction of this paper over a decade ago. Thanks to all publishers for permission to print excerpts from their material. Thanks to Jesse for applying his skills to help create this website. So here we go….

  Issue # 1 Evolution vs Creation: Are you a product of chance happenings or living proof of a designer? Is evolution believable? Is creation possible?
  Issue # 2 Jehovah’s Witnesses: Christian or Cult?: Why is a JW a JW? What motivates him/her to knock on your door? What are they not telling you?
  Issue # 3 The Bible: Just Another Book? Is it really a special book? Who wrote it? How do you know it’s true? Why should you care?
  Issue # 4 Heaven and Hell: Surely there’s no such place as a real, literal heaven….is there? And a real, scary (and hot) hell? Aw, c’mon!
  Issue # 5 Christ the Healer: Did Jesus really heal people? Does He still heal today? Does He really care? Why are so many dying prematurely?
  Issue # 6    Two Kingdoms: What does the Bible teach about the kingdom of light and the kingdom of darkness? Are you a citizen of both, one or neither?  
  Issue # 7 Christianity vs Religion: Why so many religions? Did Jesus come to establish another religion? Wasn’t it the religious who had Jesus crucified?
  Issue # 8 Heroes of the Faith: Are there any around today? And what makes a “hero of the faith” a hero?
  Issue # 9 You…. In Perspective: Who me? What’s so special about me? Am I loved? Where am I headed? Where do I fit in?
  Issue # 10 Jesus Christ: King of Kings and Lord of Lords:  The last issue. Christ, the main issue of The Main Issue. What will you do with Jesus?