: Evolution VS Creation
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Page Fourteen

In Conclusion

If the theory of evolution is true the Bible is untrustworthy. It’s that simple. Many times the Bible declares that God created. If He didn’t create the Bible is not truth.

And that’s what it is all about. That’s the real issue – the integrity of the Bible. You thought, perhaps, the theory of evolution is science, a logical conclusion of unbiased scientists whose only motive is truth. Such is not the case.

Generally, the underlying motive of teachers of evolution is to challenge the Bible, God’s Word, and thereby challenge God Himself. Mutations, hopeful monster, the Big Bang are products of desperate men. They are like the woman who insists on cramming her size ten foot into a size seven shoe – although the evidence is stacked against her, it just has to fit.

I used the term underlying motive. I am not suggesting evolutionists had a convention and plotted a public mischief. There is an individual behind this heresy and his motive is your destruction. Are you listening?

Let’s look at 2 Corinthians 4:4: “In whom the god of this world has blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the glorious gospel of Christ…should shine unto them.” Notice god is written with a small “g”. Who is “the god of this world’’? The answer is satan, the fallen angel who stole authority from Adam (who received it from God) at the time of his fall into sin. satan is the god (or ruler) of this world. Keep in mind he got this authority by deception. That's his number one weapon.

satan has “blinded the minds of them which believe not.” If you don’t believe in Christ it is simply because the devil has blinded you to the truth of Christ. He used his powers of deception to deceive you, just like he deceived Eve, just as he deceived millions and millions throughout the history of man.

Evolution is one of his pet deceptions. Why? If he undermines your faith in the Bible you will be closed to the gospel – “lest the glorious gospel of Christ should shine unto” you. In other words, you won’t pay due attention to the good news of Christ – that He paid the price of your many sins, you can have a new life through Him, your relationship with your Creator can be restored, you can become God’s adopted son or daughter, you can spend an eternity with God in a place where there is no tears, no pain, no regrets, no conflict, no loneliness, no heartache.

You will be amazed, I think, to know how terrible the aftermath of the theory of evolution has been on society. Darwin’s Origin Of Life was printed in many languages and much of the world was overcome by this devilish heresy. Soon the scientific world was divided into two camps, pro-Darwinians and anti-Darwinians with the former gaining ascendancy. Darwin’s natural selection was embraced with unscientific affection. It wasn’t just interesting, but good news. Not merely intriguing, but inspiring. Darwin became more than just a noteworthy scientist; he was a messiah, delivering the world from the (supposed) restrictions of creationism. Darwinism spread like a plague into the thinking of men. And when a man thinks wrong, he behaves wrong. The results of Darwinian thinking was brutal.

A criminal was no longer a criminal. How could a product of natural selection – a descendant of an ape – be guilty? If there is no God there is no sin. And if there really is a God man is not accountable to Him because man is not His creation. If man is merely a product of chance he is accountable to no one. Whereas before Darwin even an evil man might keep his evildoings in check because of the possibility of having to face his Creator, natural selection lifted that restraint.

Struggle. It was a word Darwin used often. Everything that has survived has done so because it was the strongest in its field. It was the struggle to survive that elevated man to his glorious heights above all other animals. Man has a right to feel proud because he is obviously the greatest of earth’s inhabitants. And oh, to what lofty heights he might climb as he encounters more struggles to survive.

Struggle is no longer an enemy to be dodged, but rather a friend to be welcomed. Since wars are the ultimate struggle, wars became glorified. As nations fought nations, the evolution process was being advanced. Future generations would be greater because of today’s wars. This mentality was very much fermented in Europe prior to the twentieth century. The exhaltation of evolutionism was nothing less than a cry for blood. Blacks from primitive nations could now be butchered, weaker nations plundered, the poor repressed by the wealthy – all with no remorse. Mussolini, Hitler, Marx – just a few who extolled the causes of evolutionism and were motivated by Darwinian mindedness.

Though the theory of evolution ushered in human blood-spilling of a horrendous measure, that was by no means its most damaging fruit. For man is destined to live eternally; his soul is far more valuable than his earthsuit. And this is what satan is really after – man’s soul.

The devil's days are numbered and he knows it. Soon he will be cast into Gehenna, the lake of fire. Rev. 20:10: “And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone…and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.” He wants lots of company. He wants to take you and your loved ones with him, to share with him an eternity of anguish and pain and hopelessness.

Can you now see why I used the term underlying motive? satan is behind this irrational theory. The evolutionists are merely his pawns, deceived and pathetic.

Is it now clear the purpose of this edition of The Main Issue? It matters much that your confidence in the Bible is restored because therein lies God’s plan for your salvation.

God’s plan of salvation is Jesus Christ. Christ can be likened to the ark of Noah. The world mocked Noah but it was only he and his family who were saved. The only ones who survived the flood were those who entered the ark. The only ones who will be saved from eternal destruction are those entering 'the ark' of Christ.

Some who read this publication will deny the Christ whom I write about. Most will accept this word as true, but… you will not come. No, you will not come to Christ. Another time, perhaps, but not right now. You have put Him off before and you will do so again. Yes, you too are deceived.

But some, a few, will bow to the lordship of Christ. You will humble yourself before Him, repent of your sinful life and trust Him to wash away your sins with His precious blood. I heartily congratulate you and welcome you into the family of God! You are in for a great adventure.

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