: Evolution VS Creation
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Dear Mr. and Mrs. Evolutionist,

So you believe our ancestors walked on all fours, swung from tree to tree, and ate bananas for breakfast, lunch and supper. And you insist you and I are products of a lengthy series of chance happenings and ‘natural selection,’ and our existence has nothing to do with a superior being many call ‘God.’

Well, Mr. and Mrs. Evolutionist, as an adopted, born-again, blood-washed, Spirit-filled child of the living God, I want to tell you that I object to your insistence my multi-great grandpa was an ape. Your spurious account of existence pushes our nation from a reliance upon God. Your theory of evolution challenges the authenticity of the Bible, the book the Christian community attests to be God’s sacred and infallible word to man. This subversive speculation has infiltrated the schools, wedging itself between children and God. Students are coerced into accepting, not as theory but as fact, that their very life is a consequence of chance and not Godly design.

You retain in your ideology concepts birthed of very fallible men, notions that cannot be proved but in fact are founded on incredibly weak evidence. But you shun teachings from a book, the Bible, that is not only reliable but divinely inspired. Why? Have you such little regard for Scripture? I challenge you to make even a limited study of the Bible to discover for yourselves its supernatural qualities. To not do so is less than integrity for those who declare so flagrantly to know the truth. An exhaustive study could bring no other conclusion except this book is inspired, filled with truth and wisdom.

And if the Bible really is true then the theory of evolution is tripe. That means the people whose judgment you value are suspect. They speak with authority on a matter of which they have no understanding. Their heresy is not the fruit of reason but rather a desperate attempt to refute the reality of God.

I solemnly warn you, Mr. and Mrs. E., that you are accountable. According to the Bible your every deed, every word, every thought and intent is being recorded. At some future time the books will be opened. Denying God’s existence doesn't make you less accountable because from God’s perspective His very creation – the moon and stars, birds and animals, the grass and flowers and trees, the people around you – is ample evidence that He is. His mighty works is proof of His supremacy. No one can feign ignorance because daily we smell, taste, see, hear and feel His handiwork. Life about us is a compilation of numerous, miraculous entities of unfathomable genius not merely coexisting, but harmonizing. And yet you credit these marvels to chance. Why?

What gives you such confidence in your own intellect? By what authority do you speak? What are your credentials?

You don’t know how the spider learned to spin its web. Or why the robin builds a robin’s nest instead of a jay’s nest. Or how a lost dog finds its way home. Or how a tiny seed turns into a towering oak tree. How can you be so confident in your own opinions?

To even consider yourself a speck in our cosmos is a grand exaggeration of your size. Even our immense galaxy is less than a dot. If you could somehow travel in a straight line at the speed of light you would not come to the edge of the known universe in a million years. How small you are. Do you really feel qualified to make conclusions regarding matters of life? Advanced astronomy reinforces the reality of God and will be held as evidence against you.

And here is something else to chew on. Nothing out there in our universe is as complex and wondrous as you. Think about it. Do you know of any stars or planets that can see and hear and talk, as you can? Or jump and walk and do sit-ups? Can’t you understand you yourselves are living proof of the reality of God?

Why is it when you first laid eyes on a computer you knew immediately someone made it, but when you look at yourselves in a mirror you do not come to the same conclusion? Could a computer just happen? Yet you are much more complex. Can a computer taste or breathe or whistle? Or bend or yell or snore? Or hope? Or dream?

Can a computer believe? Or love and hate? Or forgive? Or enjoy? Or relax and appreciate and laugh? Or regret? Or console? Or reminisce?

Really, Mr. and Mrs. E., how could something so intricate as yourselves just happen to be? Look again at that wonderful machine that is you. You can think and imagine and observe and reason. You have the ability to create and teach and converse. You can remember, cooperate, recognize. You can choose and estimate, question and suggest, scold and pretend.

And more! You can hunt and argue and visit and play. You can plan and gamble and write and study. And purchase and inspect and memorize and spell.

You can sing a song, have a baby, come to a conclusion, tell a joke, eat corn flakes.

Play charades, drive a car, read a book, catch a ball, fry an egg, flip a coin.

Consider your fantastic earthsuit. When it gets cold something turns on a shiver machine to restore heat. When it gets hot it somehow starts to sweat and its temperature drops. When a nasty germ strikes an army of white blood cells retaliates. If it gets cut it patches itself without leaving a scar. And when it gets tired you enter into an unconscious state called sleep and wake up refreshed. It has a pump that has pulsated about 10,000 times every day of your life – and it never had a tune-up, oil change or grease job. Your body has an efficient respiratory, digestive, circulatory, and urinary system, all controlled by a super-computer brain. And it's all wrapped up in a miracle called skin to form an amazingly compact package.

A product of evolution? Chance happenings? Natural selection? Descendant of apes?

You have no idea what makes you work, what keeps you alive, or how you got here. You cannot understand the ant, the bee, the flower. You have no qualification whatsoever to speak of the origin of life.

The Bible says, “His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made..... so they are without excuse" (Romans 1:20). The invisible things of God (His might, His wisdom) are “clearly seen” by that which you call nature, and you are therefore “without excuse.” You not only deny holy Scripture but also common sense, and choose instead to believe in men obsessed in finding the missing link. I want to tell you a simple truth: the only missing link in your lives is a person by the name of Jesus Christ. Only He can link you to His Father and to eternal life.

You have been told more than once that “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life" (John 3:16). But you have decided the gospel of Jesus Christ is for the less enlightened. Mr. and Mrs. E., you are living tragedies. The most precious thing ever touching planet Earth was the blood flowing down Calvary’s cross two thousand years ago. In that blood is your redemption (payment in full for your debt to God incurred by your sins), salvation (from punishment awaiting you), righteousness (right standing with God, just as if you never sinned), sonship (adoption, whereby you become God’s very own son and daughter), healing (of body, heart and mind), peace (real peace, something you have never known), and everlasting life (with God, His angels and saints). But for you the precious blood has been shed in vain. Your pride and rebellion make the cross of no effect. The Bible says, “Everyone who is proud in heart is an abomination to the Lord.” And, “Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft.”

You are so very deceived. You think you can trust the “wise” of this world, but you can’t. You think life ends under six feet of soil, but it doesn’t. You think you have the right to believe as you please, but you don’t. You think there is no such place as heaven and hell, but there is. You think if there really is a hell God would not send you there, but He will.

Unless you repent. Unless you humble yourselves, repent of your sins and embrace Jesus Christ as your lord and savior. Exodus 10:3: “How long will you refuse to humble yourself before Me?” Jesus said, “Unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.” 1st Peter 5:6: “Humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Evolutionist, I desperately want to reach you. So much I want to see you remove your trust in man and place that trust on the Lord Jesus Christ. He alone can save. He alone can satisfy.

Thanks for listening.


The Editor

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