: Evolution VS Creation
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Mutations…a tool of evolution?

The evolution of the theory of evolution gets more complex with time. Most evolutionists now realize Darwin’s gradual evolution through use and disuse is an impossibility. What has been passed on to the public as fact for 100 years is now dismissed as a product of, as one evolutionist puts it, “cultural and political biases of 19th century liberalism.” How, it must be asked, could so many scientists have swallowed those “cultural and political biases”?

So where does the evolutionist go from here? He simply conceives a new theory. Which brings us to…


Mutations are occasional flaws that show up in life here and there. Mutations are haphazard changes in genes (by which hereditary characteristics are transmitted). They are very real and often cause much damage. Some evolutionists claim that changes in species came from favorable mutations. These favorable mutations, combined with natural selection, produced life as we know it.

There are many weaknesses to the theory that mutations could cause life as we know it. Mutations, which are brought about by radiation and certain chemicals, almost always cause nasty results – diseases and abnormalities – that corrupt rather than improve. If a person had oneself X-rayed all day long, the radiation would undoubtedly have harmful effects rather than turn that person into a super-human being.

The mathematical probabilities are stacked up against the mutations theory. It would take thousands (millions?) of agreeable (again, mutations are rarely agreeable) and related mutations to make man out of molecules, but the occurrence of even two or three related mutations are extremely improbable. Mutations, as a mechanism of evolutionary change, is a mathematical impossibility.

Mutations, as mentioned, are haphazard changes in genes. Where did the genes come from? The evolutionist has no answer. But the creationist does. And now let’s move on to…

Hopeful Monsters.

How did the bird arrive on earth’s scene? Well one day a reptile had, instead of a baby reptile, a baby bird! The bird is an example of a hopeful monster. (To what this bird mated with is unexplained.) Now let’s look at...

The Big Bang.

B-A-N-G !!! One incredible explosion in the cosmos and that’s how it all got started. (Where the matter that caused the explosion came from is a mystery.) Let’s look at one more...

Outside Interference.

Some evolutionists discard mutations as a viable explanation to life and conclude natural selection must have had outside help. Demons perhaps. Or creatures from outer space. (Of course they are back to the same problem – how did they evolve?) Some suggest an impersonal deity helped natural selection get the job done. (Why impersonal? And if impersonal, why did he get involved?)

Why does the evolutionist refuse to see the obvious? – design is proof of a Designer. It seems the foundation he builds upon is faith, faith that there is no God.

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