: JW's: Christian or Cult?
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This issue of The Main Issue examines a religious organization known globally as the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Some may question the ethics of such an endeavor. Who are we to judge? Why single out one particular religion?

More than any other religious organization, it is the ambition of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society (Jehovah’s Witnesses) to dispense to you their gospel, to convince you of their special status with God, to bring you into their fold. At least twice a year they will knock on your door. Year after year after year. They are in continual training, learning how to make inroads into your life, into your family.

Bringing their teachings, prophecies and history into public view, for consideration and scrutiny, is the right thing to do. After reading this publication of The Main Issue you will be more informed about the Watchtower Society than Jehovah’s Witnesses themselves, with few exceptions.

Jehovah’s Witnesses: Christian or Cult? is a fascinating account of the birth and establishing of a powerful spiritual force affecting millions upon millions worldwide. It will help you understand why he or she comes to your door to converse, and the ultimate product they would endeavor to make of you.

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