: JW's: Christian or Cult?
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“My book was written in the memory of the home where I was once happy and secure, where I belonged and was loved as a daughter. I wrote in memory of my parents – mine until the mean minds of the Watchtower Society decreed that any girl who strayed from “the truth” (their truth must surely be a daughter of the devil) would be in agony in Armageddon. Torn between their natural love for their own flesh and blood, and the creed they had made their life, my parents made their decision and severed all connections with me. From that day on, I was dead to them.”

Valerie Tomsett, author, ex J.W.

“I know I have made an ass of myself.”

J.F. Rutherford, re his 1925 prophecy

“Little did I realize at that time that I was entering into slavery so profound that I was not able to emerge free again as a Christian until thirty years had elapsed..... Little did I realize that I was leaving Christian individuality behind and was entering into a sort of Zombi existence, half individual and half mass. I then and there became a cog in the machinery of one of the greatest subversions of all time.”

W.J. Schnell, author, ex J.W.


“We were a lot of automatons following a path beaten out by the gentlemen in Brooklyn. If they said the world was going to end on Tuesday, we said it would end on Tuesday. When Tuesday came and the world had not ended, the men in Brooklyn would write in the magazine and say, ‘oops, not this time.’ And we little zombies would go out and say, ‘oops, not this time.’ If they had told us to walk backwards sucking a lollipop we would have become an army of backward walking lollipop lickers!”

Valerie Tomsett, author, ex J.W.

“If, for example, the hands of Milton Henschel, Fred Franz, Ted Jaraca and Lloyd Barry went up, one could generally be sure that the hands of Cary Barber, Martin Poetzinger, William Jackson, George Gangas, Grant Suiter and Jack Barr would go up as well. If the hands of the former stayed down, the hands of the latter would generally stay down also. Some others would likely vote with these but their vote was not as predictable. With rare exceptions, this pattern prevailed.”

Raymond Franz, author, ex J. W., former member of Governing Body


“A grossly misleading translation. It is neither scholarly nor reasonable to translate John1:1 ‘the word was a god.’ But of all the scholars in the world, as far as we know, none have translated this verse as the Jehovah’s Witnesses have done.”

Dr. Julius Mantley, Greek scholar


“Today more than two million Jehovah’s Witnesses believe and teach that Christ’s invisible presence began in 1914. Very few realize that for nearly fifty years the Watch Tower Society announced and heralded, in their role as prophet, that such invisible presence began in 1874. As late as 1929, fifteen years after 1914, they were still teaching this.”

Raymond Franz, author

“Now you approach the first door. How can a person introduce himself? He may state variously that he is a minister, a representative of the Watch Tower Society, one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, doing an educational work, calling to encourage Bible study in the home, bringing good news, carrying out a public service, working with an international research group, bringing the people the good results of this research, working in conjunction with a world-wide society of ministers, working together with more than a half-million ministers, representing a New World Bible Society. In presenting the New World Translation one may say he represents a bible translating committee. During assemblies one may style himself a visiting delegate to the convention being held.”

Qualified To Be Ministers, page 175

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