: JW's: Christian or Cult?
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Page Nine


It could never happen to me!, you say. My wife is too smart to fall for anything the Jehovah’s Witnesses have to offer. There’s no way she would ever get caught up in their religion. And so what if she did! What harm can a little religion do?

Husbands beware!

Of course every member of the family is susceptible – husbands, children, grandparents. But it seems that the wife, the one left alone in the home most often, is more so. Many husbands have lost their wives, and subsequently their children, to the Watchtower Bible And Tract Society of Brooklyn, New York. You think it can’t happen to you? Think again. It has happened to husbands all over the world. How they wish they would have put a stop to it while they still could.

You leave the house for work. A few hours later..... ding dong! Oh, your wife has a visitor. I wonder who it could be? “Good Morning, Mrs. Jackson (nice teethy smile). It's just me again, making my rounds. Ha ha! Isn't it amazing what’s been happening in the Middle East since the last time I was here? Your neighbor, Mrs. Gray, was telling me she hopes all this will lead to world peace. Do you think we will ever see a time when we can all live in harmony with one another? In this magazine that I have here, it tells of a real hope for peace whereby God’s faithful followers will all be able to live together in harmony. Don’t you long for such a world, Mrs Jackson?”

Yes, I know. Your wife told the Jehovah’s Witness she really isn’t interested. But did you notice she didn’t sound as emphatic as she used to? Now just suppose every week you went to a meeting just for the purpose of learning how to ‘get through’ to people just like your wife. You would get pretty good at it, wouldn’t you? Well, some of the people who knock at your door have been in training for many years. They know how to drop a provoking word, when to back off, when to press a point, spot a weakness, ask the right question.

And keep in mind they have been coming to your wife for years now. They have become familiar, no longer the threat they once were. Their persistence pays off. Your wife, over the years, listens more attentively although she pretends not to. You know, she really does long for peace in the world, in her country, in her soul. Perhaps, she reasons, these Jehovah’s Witnesses really have the answer..... maybe it wouldn’t hurt to listen to what they have to say..... perhaps someday I will take them up on their offer of a Bible Study in my home..... what harm could a simple Bible study do?

But you disapprove. No way..... no Jehovah’s Witnesses here..... not in this house!

Ding Dong! Well, it seems your wife has a visitor. Again. Different person, same teeth. And, as always, you are at work. “Hello, I’m in this neighborhood sharing a couple of Scripture verses with your neighbors. My, it's such a beautiful day, isn’t it? You know, one day soon God’s going to change this old world into a fine place where the weather will always be this nice. Not only that, but He is going to make sure there are no wars or strife or hunger. See, it says here in Isaiah, chapter 11, verse 6: The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and fatling together; and a little child shall lead them. Do you know that the Bible is referring to a time in the very near future when God’s true followers will live on earth in peace. Doesn’t your heart long for such a world?

Oh, yes I do! Oh, Oh! Your wife has just done something she has never done before. She has shown interest. Until now she has always told them, politely but emphatically, she isn’t interested. But listen, now she is responding.

You do believe the Bible, don’t you?”

Oh, yes. I don’t read it as much as I should, but I certainly believe it.”

You know, you and your family can be a part of God’s paradise. Perhaps God will use you to lead your family to this paradise that He promises in the Bible. I will be most happy to come back and discuss this with you further. Perhaps we could have a Bible study in your home.”

This time she doesn’t bother telling you about her oh-so-nice visitor. Why should she? You would just get uptight and make a big thing out of nothing. She casually mentions she is going to a Bible study at a neighbor’s house down the street. No big deal, you think, just a harmless Bible study. Some time later she casually mentions a friend has invited her to a service in town. Who? Oh, you know that lady down the street I was telling you about. Where? Oh, it's at some place called the Kingdom Hall. You don’t mind, do you, Hon? It might prove interesting. I won’t be late.

At the Kingdom Hall she is really impressed by the attention they give her. This is okay, she muses. They sure make a person feel welcome..... maybe they've got what I’ve been looking for..... and they seem so very dedicated, so sincere..... I wonder.....

And now the programming starts in earnest. At the Bible studies and the weekly services the things she believed in and relied upon are systematically belittled while at the same time she is being immersed in Russellism. Meantime, back at the ranch, you are enjoying your tv and babysitting the kids. You don’t know it, but you have lost your wife.

You see, just a little while ago, deep in her heart, her loyalty switched from you to them. They got to her and they got her. She is now programmed into thinking that the only hope for herself and her family is the Watchtower Society, God’s channel of peace and safety on earth. And for the sake of her family she will be loyal to them, and thereby loyal to God.

You could have reached her. You still could if you knew the truth yourself. You could sit her down and reason with her. But you were always too busy with important matters to be bothered with a trivial thing like truth. Anyhow, just a week ago you could have pleaded or got mad or made threats or something. But now the Watchtower has fully captured her trust and loyalty, and it is they whom she will fearfully obey. She will get over it, you think. She will come to her senses. Don't bet on it. The longer she is entangled with the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the deeper she is entwined in a web of deceit. What do you mean you are going to go knocking on doors?! you protest. Are you crazy? Are you trying to make a fool out of all of us? Why can’t you just stay home and read your Bible? What will our friends think?

Friends? Did you say ‘friends’? Well you better get used to some changes. Your wife will soon be convinced not to associate with ‘goats’ (non-Witnesses), whether they be friends or relatives. And by the way, she says, shouldn’t our children be attending the Kingdom Hall services?..... should our children be deprived of wholesome teaching just because you have a thing against Jehovah’s Witnesses?

You have one hope: Join the Society. Forget your prerogatives, your hopes and dreams, your right to think and act for yourself, your opinions and independence. Become the android your wife has become. Swallow your pride, and propagate their gospel of death. Life otherwise is totally incompatible because her life will be wrapped around the ‘Theocracy.’ If you threaten her she has a lot of experienced people to turn to. Should you divorce her, you know who will get the kids. She will probably marry someone from one of the Kingdom Halls. Your children will be thoroughly washed in Russellism, and you, Sir, will be your children’s enemy.

It can’t happen? Oh, yes it can. Maybe it will.

You have been warned.

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