: The Bible: Just another Book?
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The Uniqueness of the Bible

The Bible is the most unusual book ever written. It is in a class of its own. No other writing compares. Check these facts:


1.) The Bible took 1500 years to complete and 40 authors to write it. Mostly, these authors were from different backgrounds, one a fisherman, one a doctor, another a prime minister, another a military general, etc.


2.) Though most of the authors were from various lands and times, the theme and content harmonize from Genesis (the first book of the Bible) to Revelation (the last book). The message from beginning to end is consistent – the redemption of man through the promised messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ.


3.) The Bible is by far the most read book, and the most cherished. There are people from every nation of the world who are reading the Bible at this very moment, preaching from it, studying it, memorizing its verses, singing its psalms. And the Bible continues to be the bestseller.


4.) More than any other writing, the Bible has affected other literature. It has been quoted to such a degree that should all the Bibles be completely destroyed, it could easily be reconstructed from other writings that quote from it.


5.) More translators have worked at the translation of the Bible than any other book of antiquity.


6.) manuscript is a copy of the original writing, or a copy of a previous copy. There are more manuscripts of the Bible than any other classical writing. As a matter of fact, there are more manuscripts of the Bible than any other ten books combined.


7.) Over the centuries meticulous care was taken for the preservation and purity of Biblical manuscripts.


8.) No other book has been assaulted as much or as often as the Bible, in every corner of the world, in every age.


9.) The Bible is proven to be historically accurate, and as an historical source of information stands in a caliber of its own.


10.) No other book has the same power to transform lives. Millions worldwide attest to having found a new and superior life simply by reading and responding to the Scriptures.

Many of the above statements do not prove the Bible to be divine. But surely it must be concluded that anyone seeking truth would not ignore this book. What other can compare? To what other would you go to seek truth? The Bible: Just another book? You are the Judge. What is your verdict?

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