: Heaven and Hell
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Page Fifteen


There are many errors regarding life after death. Four such errors are brought under the light of God’s Word for the reader’s consideration.


Purgatory is an invention of the Catholic Church. Purgatory, so the CC teaches, is a temporary place of suffering whereby one is released into heaven after serving his/her sentence. The length of one’s term in purgatory would be relative to his/her sinful life.

There are ways of shortening one’s stay in purgatory. Indulgences can be bought or earned, and these indulgences can be used to offset one’s time in this prison. Much of the building of the Vatican in Rome in the middle ages was financed by Catholics making payments of ten shillings to get relatives and friends released.

When I was a boy I did a number of peculiar things to build up an account for myself to get out of Purgatory as soon as possible – i.e., go to mass on nine consecutive first Fridays of the month, kneel and pray before the tabernacle (that’s where Jesus is stored when Mass is over) at certain times of the year, make the stations of the cross (prayers before fourteen pictures depicting Jesus’ death), use lots of holy water, etc., etc.

Besides this, I wore a scapular (two pictures held together by a cloth string hanging over the neck), and Mary, I was told, assured us that anyone who died wearing a scapular would never go to hell. And if that didn’t work, surely a friend or relative would buy a mass on my behalf, either a Low mass or, better yet, a High mass, depending on how much they could afford.

None of the above is derived from the Bible and is utmost fantasy – very cruel fantasy, as millions have risked their eternal future on these heretical teachings and no doubt curse both teachings and teachers from their miserable dwelling place in sheol-hades.

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