: Heaven and Hell
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Much can be determined about heaven from the Bible. Heaven is a place where God lives. It is a real planet that you could see if you were close enough. In heaven there are cities and buildings and houses and trees and animals and streets and mountains and streams and flowers. It is as real as our planet Earth, with many similarities. As a matter of fact, earth was fashioned after heaven. Earth was at one time, before the fall of Adam and before the great flood, much more profound and excellent and exciting than now. But undoubtedly, even at its best, earth was only a shadow of the beauty and prominence of heaven.

New Jerusalem is a city in heaven. Approximately 1500 miles square and rising 1500 miles at its highest peak, the entire city is surronded by a wall of jasper, about 300 feet high. On each of the four sides of the enormous wall are three huge gates of pearl, a total of twelve, never closed. The foundation of the city is adorned with precious stones and jewels. The streets are made of pure gold, transparent and clear as glass. The glory of God’s presence is brighter than the sun and illuminates the city with a brilliance unknown. The effect of gold and precious stones sparkling in this light must be awesome indeed.

At the summit of the city is the throne of God where He rules the universe. From His throne flows "a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal," and this river probably meanders down the apex throughout the entire city.

Heaven is a place of order and peace and happiness and beauty and excitement. There are no wars, picket lines, shortages, tears, nightmares, factions, sorrow, epidemics, sin, or boredom. It is awesome beyond our ability to imagine. If an angel were to escort you on a tour throughout that celestial planet you would be unable to find words to adequately describe it.

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