: Christ the Healer
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You may not even believe there is a devil, but to take that position would force you to disclaim the Bible altogether. Why? Because the Bible speaks often of the devil. Listen to this: "that through death (the death of the cross) He (Jesus) might destroy him who had the power of death, THAT IS, THE DEVIL." (Hebr. 2:14)

A woman had a daughter who was “severely demon-possessed.” She came to Jesus and “her daughter was healed that very hour.” This girl’s sickness was caused by a demon.

Some people are channels of healing that are NOT Christians, who do not heal in the name of Jesus. How can this be? It is really simple. If the devil can afflict a person with sickness, he can also withdraw that sickness at will. The non-Christian person laying hands on another may think that the power of healing comes from within him/herself, not knowing that a demon is cooperating by withdrawing a particular sickness. Why would a demon do such a thing? The answer is.....

Deception. The enemy is the master of deception. He is drawing that person into a trap. That ‘healer’ begins to expound a different gospel. He and the one being healed might think, “Who needs Jesus?”

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