: Christ the Healer
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Page Fourteen



Before the American civil war, a black person was held in slavery under a tyrannical system in certain states until such time as his freedome was paid for. When payment was made he had equal access to the laws of the land. With such payment he became redeemed, free, a citizen. He now had legal rights.

Likewise a child of God has legal rights, for those rights have been bought and paid for. He can LEGALLY request, and even claim, healing. Healing is HIS.
Now a redeemed slave may still live like a slave (as often happened). He may still have a slave mentality and never claim his privileges. Or he may never have been told of his rights. However, none of these would negate the fact that those rights are his, his by the fact of the payment made on his behalf.

Many Christians are often like that. THEY STILL HAVE A SLAVE MENTALITY concerning their health. They do not realize their rights to divine healing and health. They have not learned TO APPROPRIATE WHAT HAS BEEN WON FOR THEM. Or they do not understand they have legal access to the healing power of their God.



Although Christ paid in full the price for your health and healing, you have no legal right to claim it. You are still in slavery to “the god of this age (satan).” You, as of yet, have not been redeemed. Not that you couldn’t be if you so chose but, because of deception, you have not entered into God’s many blessings.

You think, perhaps, your life is richer and more exciting without Christ, but in fact it is paltry and boring in comparison. Yours is a dead-end street, and it's time to make a U-turn. As stated before, the door, the only door, into God’s blessings is Jesus Christ. Until you accept Christ as Lord and Savior, you have no legal right to healing.

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