: Christ the Healer
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Page Sixteen


Questions are a neat invention. They make your thinking machine go into overdrive, stir the imagination, compel conclusions. Sometimes questions are thorny. They can make you face reality, take a look at yourself, probe hidden sentiments.

I have some questions for you. Pointed, pertinent, challenging questions to ask yourself. And answer yourself. These questions are between you and you. I think they will help you see where you’re at, confront extremely important issues, sort out your feelings and opinions, get things in proper perspective, get to know yourself.

I CHALLENGE YOU to give these questions serious consideration. AND ANSWER THEM.
Choose A, B, or C. A=Yes, B=No, C=I don't know.

It won’t be easy, but you owe it to yourself. Force yourself to come to a conclusion. Do you have the courage? Do you accept my challenge?


A. Don’t be too quick to choose YES. Think about it. Have you not yet found certain truth because you didn’t want it or because truth is difficult to find? Has truth avoided you all these years or have you avoided truth? Have you searched for it, craved it, demanded it? Do you REALLY want truth?

B. NO would be the most honest answer for most. Truth is, and truth can be found. A child says, “Mother, I can’t find my math book,” and Mother replies, “You could if you wanted it bad enough.” So it is with truth. If you said, “God, I can’t find truth,” God could reply, “You could if you wanted it bad enough.”

If you do not want truth you will never find it. And if you don’t find truth you will be in trouble. Jesus said, “The truth will make you free.” Only truth brings freedom.

C. Perhaps you don’t know if you really want truth. If only you could know what truth is you could decide if you wanted it. Will truth help me or harm me? Will it solve my problems or add to them? Will it make me happy or sad? How much does it cost?


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