: Christ the Healer
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Page Seventeen


A. This question might be a problem. If you say YES you are condemning yourself. Because if you believe the Bible then why do you not obey it? The Bible states explicitly, over and over again, that you are a sinner and only Christ can cleanse you of your sins. If you agree the Bible is accurate your condemnation will be the greater. You are saying, in effect, “Yes, I believe Christ can cleanse me of my many sins, but still I reject His offer. Thanks, Jesus, but no thanks.”

On the other hand, saying YES could solve your problem. You might think, “If the Bible IS accurate and what it says about Jesus IS true, why DON’T I accept Christ?” Accepting Christ is the only wise and logical conclusion.

B. If you say NO you would, if you wanted to be true to yourself, have to answer some more questions. Like: Where do I go from here? Where is truth? What book, what man, what religion will lead me to truth? Is there hope for a better life or should I be content with what I have?

There is much evidence that the Bible is a supernatural book. Issue number two of The Main Issue, “The Bible: just another book?,” gives much evidence of its supernatural qualities. Certainly no other book compares. To check NO means you have refuted all this evidence.

C. Perhaps you think it will be safer to say, "I don’t know." But notice that the question is, “Do you THINK the Bible is accurate?” and not, “Are you CONVINCED the Bible is accurate?”

You see, even if you think there is a POSSIBILITY the Bible is accurate, you would owe it to yourself to check it out. If you thought you MIGHT have left the front door unlocked before you went to bed, would you not get up to check it? If you thought you MIGHT have left your cash and credit cards at home, would you not check your wallet before ordering a meal? If you thought the brakes of your car MIGHT be faulty, would you not have them inspected? But now we are talking about your eternal future. If you think that the Bible MIGHT be true, shouldn’t you look into it further?


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