: Christ the Healer
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Page Nineteen


A. If you say YES, then why do you not accept Him now? You might think if you only had one hour to live you would have nothng to lose. But how do you know you have even one hour to live?

You do not know the hour, the day or even the year you will die. Many will die between the time of this writing and the time of you reading it. You have no guarantee of another tomorrow.

Death often comes unexpected. That’s why people buy life insurance; they wouldn’t bother if they knew they would live to be a hundred. Death has respect for no person. It attacks old and young, strong and feeble, wise and unwise. One day it will get you.

B. If you say NO, God will not give up on you. The Bible says, "while we were still sinners, Christ died for us." His mercy is unbelievable. Just because you reject Him, He will not reject you. As long as you have breath, He will continue to woo you unto Himself. But as Richard wrote in the last issue of The Main Issue, THERE IS NO REDEEMER ON THE OTHER SIDE OF DEATH.

C. If you say I DON’T KNOW it means that, although you are not convinced, you think there is at least a POSSIBILITY that Christ is who He declares to be in the Bible. Because your eternal future is in question, would it not be wise to pray about it?

“But how,” you may ask, “can I pray to a God I am not sure exists?” I can only say that people have testified praying something like this..... Jesus, if You really do exist, if You are who the Bible says You are, please show me”..... and God has answered those prayers. Give it a try.

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