: Christ the Healer
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Page Two

Lesson # 1


A non-Christian from a Hindu nation once said something like this: “I cannot understand God. He is so superior to me. The only way I could possibly comprehend God is if He became a man as I am. Only then could I understand God.”

This man did not know that that is exactly what happened. God became a man through the body and obedience of a young virgin who was told, “The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Highest will overshadow you.” They named the baby “Jesus.” Jesus was called "Immanuel" which means “God with us." We can better understand the nature and will of God by studying the life and teachings of Jesus because.....

JESUS CHRIST WAS THE EXACT EXPRESSION OF THE WILL OF GOD. In otherwords, everything Jesus did and said and thought was in accordance to the will and nature of God. It is very important to realize this because we can then safely determine the will of God by studing the life of Christ. Is it God’s will to heal you? Simply investigate the life of Christ (the expression of the will of God) to determine for yourself.

Jesus did not, could not, live contrary to God, for He was Himself God (God the Son). He said, "I have come down from heaven, not to do My own will, but the will of Him who sent Me.” To know if it is God’s will to heal, simply examine His life.

Scripture reveals that great multitudes followed after Jesus in the hopes of being healed. He healed many on many occasions. A study into the life of Christ on earth proves beyond a doubt that it is the will of God to heal.

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