: Christ the Healer
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Jesus never stopped healing people after He ascended to heaven where He rules the universe at the right hand of His Father. But He does it DIFFERENTLY. Now He heals THROUGH HIS PEOPLE, those converted to Him (born-again Christians). As a matter of fact, He told His disciples they would do even greater works than He had done IN HIS NAME.

Jesus gave Christians authority to use His name. A comparative would be a man giving another power of attorney to do his business. Power of attorney is a legal expression that means a second party has been entrusted by the first party with all the authority of the first party. The second party can now withdraw money from an account, make purchases, sell property, etc., just as if he were himself the first party.

Jesus has given Christians power of attorney to operate on His behalf. A Christian prays for an individual and, if he/she has sufficient faith, Jesus will ensure that what is prayed for will come to pass. (It is true most Christians do not operate in such a realm, but that does not nullify the fact of it.)

That Jesus heals through His disciples is attested to in Scripture. Paul healed all that were sick on the island of Melita. The fame of the apostles was so widespread that people laid their sick along the road where Peter was to walk so that his shadow would fall on them. Acts 5:16 declares, “A multitude gathered from the surrounding cities to Jerusalem, bringing sick people and those who were tormented by unclean spirits, and THEY WERE ALL HEALED.”

Multitudes today are healed because a Christian has prayed for them.

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