: Christ the Healer
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We can only expect God to do what He wants to do. What good is it to ask God to do that which is contrary to His will and nature? But once you are convinced it is God’s will to heal you, it is a big step closer to being healed. Now you have something to set your faith on.

THE ASSURANCE THAT IT IS GOD’S WILL TO HEAL YOU IS THE SEED THAT WILL EVENTUALLY BRING YOUR HEALING if that seed is amply watered and cultivated. Jesus called His word ‘seed.’ He explained when the seed falls into good ground, it will produce a harvest. What is good ground? Jesus taught good ground is the one who hears the word of God AND UNDERSTANDS. When you understand (know) that God’s word declares it is the will of God to heal you, that understanding will eventually bring forth a good crop (the healing of your body).
Many people would tell you God does not want to heal that problem in your body. Others would say maybe He does and maybe He doesn’t.

On this important matter I can only repeat what I have already stated. To know the will of God, we look to Jesus. Jesus was God in the flesh (Immanuel, God with us). He said He came to do the will of His Father (God the Father). So it comes to this: who will you believe? Will you believe the clear teaching of the Bible? Will you accept the example of Christ Himself? Or will you heed the words of another?

There are other proofs in the Bible that healing is the will of God, some we will touch on in other lessons. But these confirmations will only benefit those who accept the Bible as true.

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