: The Two Kingdoms
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Children are at the mercy of adults. Adults lead, children follow. Children become what adults are.
Their schooling begins early, in the crib. In a world dripping with the occult the child has little hope of staying clean. When just an infant he hears if he were to just “wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are…your dreams come true.” The bombardment of the occult upon their lives starts early, is very intense and unceasing.

The children’s library is loaded with the occult, from the section for toddlers to the teen section. Children learn early that Wish Wind is obligated to fulfill every child’s wish, Cinderella merely has to appeal to a friendly hazel tree to get a silver dress, and witches are friendly ladies who get their kicks out of making people happy. Well, at least some are friendly.

Children find out from Hanzel and Gretel that witches are not always pleasant, plump ladies but some actually like to kill children, cook them up and eat them for supper. This type of witch, children are taught, has red eyes, is shortsighted and has the clever ability to track down humans with their keen sense of smell. One wicked witch put a spell on a prince and, would you believe it?, the prince became a frog. Fortunately a nice princess took the frog to bed with her three consecutive nights, the spell thus broken, and froggy prince became a boy prince once more.

Children learn if they are generous they might be rewarded with a golden goose by a really tricky old man. Snow Maiden will live happily ever after, with the farmer she was given permission to marry by Frost and Wind, if she could just learn to stay out of the sun. Education in the occult has no interludes; there is plenty for every age. In the young adult section there is The Spell of the Sorcerer’s Skull, The Curse of the Demon, Glinda of Oz, The Seven Go Haunting, and oodles more.

Toys are not like they used to be. dummy has infiltrated the toy world for the purpose of gaining access into children's lives. To think children are unaffected by these toys is a mistake. It is most harmful for a child to be educated in the occult, whether this education comes through cartoons, toys or whatever.

Perhaps it is their innocence that dummy hates, getting a special thrill in destroying the defenseless. Whatever his incentive, dummy is determined to wreck the lives of children. How demented is he? Search today’s newspaper and you will probably read at least one account of child-molesting. I am of the opinion that behind every assault on a child there is a demented demon at work, perhaps dozens. Not to say the molester is not guilty, but simply that there is at least one invisible evil entity influencing, pushing, tempting, whispering, demanding, lying, provoking – until a person commits an act against an innocent child, a sin that will later fill him to overflowing with remorse.

It should be obvious the entire kingdom of darkness is behind the pro-choice movement. The pro-life vs pro-choice debate seems to hinge on whether the life in the womb is a non-human fetus or a human baby. If it is merely a fetus, then Canada is a nation that kills fetuses. But..... IF IT IS A BABY, Canada is therefore a nation that kills babies!! Said slightly different, IF IT IS A BABY, Canadians are therefore baby-killers!!!

Jesus loves children. Anyone deliberately harming a child will one day meet Jesus face to face to give an account. It will not be pleasant. Unlike you and I, a child is innocent. It is a terrible sin to murder a baby for convenience, or lead a child onto the path of wickedness by introducing him to the occult.

Jesus said, “Woe to the man who does the tempting. If he were thrown into the sea with a huge rock tied to his neck, he would be far better off than facing the punishment in store for those who harm these little children's souls. I am warning you!”

I have warned you, dear reader, that you have an enemy intent on your destruction. And now I warn you the spiritual underworld is also after the children – the preborn, the infant, the toddler, the youngster, the teen.

Parents want the best for their child. But what a child really wants and needs is Jesus Christ. Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me.” Yet most parents are the children’s greatest obstacles. By example they are keeping their precious children from coming to Christ – for salvation, for happiness, for security. When a parent rejects Christ, that parent could also be choosing a Christless life for his/her children.

Children need Jesus. He is their only answer. It is easy to lead a child to Christ where he will find safety and peace. Parents should certainly consider Christ, for themselves and for their children.

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