: Christianity VS Religion

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Page Twelve

Why is the New Ager a New Ager?

New Agers rejects God’s simple salvation by faith in Christ and choose instead to make it on their own, to create their own world, heal their own bodies and minds, determine their own destiny. There is a certain thrill, a pride, in independence from God.

Perhaps they are disillusioned. Science and materialism never brought their promised bliss. Now what? Where does one turn? Perhaps the NAM has the answer. One can discover within himself the power and ability to do great exploits, it is said. Simply learn to tap that world within and come to discover your own potential.

New Agers wants to do what science and materialism and (other) religions fail to do. They want to bring soundness to our troubled planet. They seek peace, and even joy, for mankind. They are tired of international strife and bickering, tension and suffering. They seek a new age of discovery and human endeavors. They want to maximize human potential, individually and collectively.

But the NAM, in fact, is a product of the “god of this world.” Why is the NAM here? The bottom line is this: the NAM is here because the spiritual underworld brought it here. It is their baby. The NAM is a counterfeit to Christianity. Christians have power to heal and bring deliverance, and also have purpose and joy and happiness. Well, so does the New Ager. Or so he thinks.

The New Ager is a New Ager because he/she is deceived by “the god of this world.” He has fallen into deception because he has thus far resisted the gentle tugging of the Holy Spirit, drawing him to Christ. If it wasn’t the NAM, it would be something else, one of satan’s many other counterfeits, some of which are discussed elsewhere in this paper.

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