: Christianity VS Religion
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Page Twenty - Eight

Christianity vs. Secular Humanism

Secular (or worldly) humanism is a non-spiritual, non-Biblical, atheistic point of view. Writes Paul Kurts in his Manifesto I and II: Humanism traces its roots from ancient China, classical Greece and Rome, through the Renaissance and the Enlightenment, to the scientific revolution of the modern world.

In secular humanism, traditional morality is scorned. Situational ethics replaces Judaic-Christian principles. If it feels good do it is an example of humanistic mentality. There are no standards except do not step on the next guy’s toes. Humanism totally rejects the words of Christ, instead embracing the theory of evolution, abortion on demand, outlawing prayer and the Bible from public schools, easy divorce, extreme feminism, open sexual expression, homosexuality, changes in family structure, etc. While Canada and the United States were founded on Christian principles – as evidenced in the courts, law, schools, the family and government – secular humanism has been at work to change that. Generally speaking, humanists have won much control of the media, the medical field, welfare, entertainment and politics. Canada is no longer a Christian nation (a country occupied with Christian endeavors and principles) but rather a humanistic nation.

Secular humanism is opposed to God on many issues – for example: homosexuality. While loving the homosexual, God abhors homosexuality and calls it sin. Who cares? says the secular humanist. If it feels good do it! The homosexual now demands the right to hold public office, take leadership in the religious community, and every other position including teaching children, parenting, and being a Big Brother or Sister. And why shouldn’t he/she have these rights? Without a standard by which to make judgments, such as the Bible, why should he be denied? If homosexuality is not perverse, as the Bible says, why should the homosexual be discriminated against? Because of this humanistic mentality homosexuality is spreading.

Secular humanism is a religion. It accepts by faith that man has the capacity to save himself, there is no God to whom one must answer, “me” is the center of each person’s world. Humanism leans heavily on science, human logic and human philosophies. They work hard to destroy Christian influence in the home, government and schools, and have been very successful in their endeavors.

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