: Christianity VS Religion
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You never heard of Philip. Philip was this guy – well not a guy, really, but a person – well not a human person – but a somebody who showed up at this experiment by the Canadian Toronto Society of Physical Research. They were out to prove that non-human somebodies – spirit-beings – like Philip don’t exist. Got it?

Anyhow, Philip was a different kind of a – something. At first Philip just tapped on the table and stuff like that, maybe just to get attention, I don’t know. And then – maybe he was getting bored or something – he began lifting the table off the floor – maybe he wanted to prove he was stronger than all those researchers trying to hold it down. Next thing you know ol' Philip was flying that table around the room with all those guys trying to chase it down. Ever hear of an experiment like this?

And what conclusion did the researchers come to? Well obviously the only thing to conclude was that persons such as Philip do not exist! Yep, that was their conclusion. (You might wonder what would have to happen to prove Philip does exist.) They began this experiment to prove spirits aren’t real – and they were not about to be swayed by the likes of Philip. No, the table moved around the room because of – get this – the collective power generated from their own unconscious minds. Hmmmm. The Hindu and the New Ager and maybe the 32nd degree Mason might agree. Hmmm. You might ask how the mind, which is not tangible, is able to move a very tangible table without even trying. It gets tricky but I’ll try to explain.

You see we have to go back to two dudes by the name of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. Freud started it all and Jung pushed it along – with the help of Philemon.

Well Philemon looks exactly like Philip. Hey don’t lose me – we’re just getting started – this thing really gets wild. Philemon was – well let’s call him a helper, some guy from the place that doesn’t exist who helped Jung understand why tables can move around rooms and.....

Okay, okay, I’ll start over and take it reeeal slow.... but first.....

I want to tell you why I’m telling you. You see, you and I are being taken someplace. It's true. It's like someone has each of us by the hand and leading us to a particular destination. But you and I are being taken in opposite directions. And the One leading me and the one leading you are two very different-type persons.

It’s like we each have a shepherd. My Shepherd loves me. He is gentle and kind and forgiving – and very powerful. I discovered this loving Shepherd in February, 1972. It was an experience. My life changed that day. I was born-again of the Holy Spirit. I have a day-to-day relationship with this Shepherd. I live for Him and would die for Him. It is my love for Jesus compelling me to reach out to you now, to warn you, to reason with you. Because my Jesus loves you more than you could imagine.

But your shepherd – hey, he likes you about as much as you like spinach. He’s a mean hombre who means you dirt. My Shepherd and your shepherd are enemies. My Shepherd wants to rescue you, to lead you out of the enemy’s crowd and into His own.

But the problem is you don’t see him. And like those researcher guys, it's hard to believe in something you can’t see. But hey! you can’t see the wind neither but you know it's there because you feel it. And you can’t see love and hate and anger and jokes and ideas and stuff like that, but they're real too. And this shepherd of yours, he’s real, man, really real! And he has a name – satan. And he’s the guy behind this psychology, psychiatry stuff.

You’re at this puppet show and you see these cute little puppets hitting each other – bam, bam, bam! But you know hidden below the stage are two guys controlling the puppets. Well life’s like that – sort of. The puppets are like people who are controlled by someone you can’t see. Jesus is behind the one (the Christian), and satan is controlling the other (the non-Christian).

But people aren’t really puppets – God made us with an intellect and will – and nobody controls us. But nonetheless there is someone behind the scenes influencing. Behind the Christian is the good Shepherd – helping, encouraging, directing. And behind the non-Christian is the evil shepherd – coercing, tempting, whispering, threatening. The good a Christian might do is only with the help of God, and the evil the non-Christian does is usually by the prompting of the devil.

The influence applied to the believer might come through the Holy Spirit, or the angels, or other Christians. And influence to the non-Christian could come through the world of darkness, a vast army of demons – ugly, perverse, sinister demons – and other non-Christians. (Hey, I’m just speaking in general terms – I’m not saying Christians never do dirt or non-Christians don’t do good. And I’m not saying satan doesn’t tempt Christians or God doesn’t influence non-Christians. The bottom line however is this: the good Shepherd is at enmity with the evil shepherd – Jesus versus satan – and they both want you.)

Jesus – the good Shepherd – taught if we build our lives on His words we will be safe. But if we don’t, we won’t. satan – the evil shepherd – invented many religions and philosophies and phoney gospels to confuse you so you won’t recognize the words of Christ whereby you can be saved. He figures you are apt to cling to at least one of his counterfeits, or else think it’s all bogus and reject everything, including the true gospel of Christ. Since you were a child you have been – whether you realize it or not – coerced to build on the words of another, someone other than Christ - another gospel, a lie, a misconception, a philosophy – something other than the words of Jesus. And if you do, you ain’t going to make it.

In the last issue I told you that you were only getting half the picture, and your education was not only limited, but misleading. I talked about the history you were taught and the history you weren’t. And now we are going to look at the weird world of psychiatry, psychotherapy, psychology, etc. that has invaded the educational system. Try to see behind the scenes, you know, the guy hidden under the stage.

The dictionary says psychiatry is “the science of treating mental illness” and a psychiatrist is “a physician who practices psychiatry”- but in fact psychiatry is not science, but a religion (a religion is something that must be accepted by faith, not proof), just like the other religions mentioned in this paper – and the psychiatrist is a physician only in the sense that a witch doctor is a physician. The whole world of psychology and this-and-that-ology is opposed to the words of Jesus. It leads, literally, to hell. Is psychiatry really a religion? Listen up:

Thomas Szasz (see note 1): [psychotherapy is] not merely a religion that pretends to be a science [but] a fake religion that seeks to destroy true religion..... The popular image of Freud as an enlightened, emancipated, irreligious person.... is pure fiction..... One of Freud’s most powerful motives in life was the desire to inflict vengeance on Christianity.....

Martin Gross (see note 2): One of the most powerful religious ideas of the second half of the twentieth century is the Great Unconscious..... In this religion of the Unconscious, our conscious mind is a second-class being..... a mere puppet of the unknown true self..... Is there an Unconscious?..... From a scientific point of view, it is a theological device which fills the gap in man’s biological ignorance.....

Hunt and McMahon (see note 3): A lengthy study appointed by the American Psychological Association (subsidized by the National Science Foundation and involving 80 eminent scholars) concluded that psychology is not and cannot be a science. This is the case in spite of decades spent in “ritualistic endeavor to emulate the forms of science in order to sustain the delusion that it already is a science.” Karl Popper, considered to be one of the greatest philosophers of science, has concluded that psychological theories “have more in common with primitive myths than with science.....”

Freud is a big name in the psychology business, a 15-20 billion dollar a year industry in North America. He’s the one who discovered the UNCONSCIOUS part of the mind. Now this discovery isn’t like Columbus discovering America – this discovery was something you can’t see or touch or take home with you. You can’t measure it, inspect it or teach it tricks – or even prove it's real. But the Biggies – those disdainers of truth and propagators of perhaps the biggest hoax of all times – thought it convenient to accept it as being for real. So now we have a society accepting the unconscious mind as fact – on faith, faith in the Biggies – even though it has never been seen or touched or proven to be real! It is more in in some circles to be ruled by this great and wonderful unconscious than the boring, mundane consciousness. Sure your little ol' consciousness may get you through high school and university and stuff like that but can it sail tables around the room?
Yep, we’re back to that table.

You see, something has to explain why the table floated in the air. And why over half of North American adults have had at least some unexplainable weird happenings beyond normal human capacity. In their own studies many psychologist cannot deny that abnormal (spooky) happenings do occur. But how? There are two possibilities: a) either by the power of a non-human entity (a spirit), or b) by the innate (hidden, inside) power that, supposedly, lies within each of us.

The reason the researchers had to come to the conclusion the table moved by the power of the unconscious mind is simple. If they would admit the obvious – that a spirit-being totally independent from humans made the table move around the room – they would suddenly become quacks amongst their contemporaries. Now in this business what one fears most is becoming a quack. But by concluding that the power came from the unconscious mind they could remain dignified and well-paid psychologists and as you can imagine it’s nicer to be a psychologist than a quack any day.

Take Carl Jung – one of the founders of the psychotherapy faith. There are many things in his life he liked to keep secret because he too didn’t want to become a quack. Where did he get his (mis)understanding of the human psyche? Most -ologist don’t know it but Carl was tied up with the occult and spiritism and “ghosts” from childhood, his family deep into the occult, and the presence of spooks was a fact of life for Carl and nearly drove him bananas. And now enters Philemon the spook into Carl’s life. Writes Carl: Philemon represented a force which was not myself..... It was he who taught me the psychic objectivity, the reality of the psyche..... He was a mysterious figure to me. At times he seemed quite real as if he were a living personality. I went walking up and down the garden with him, and to me he was what the Indians call a guru.” Wow! In fact, Philemon helped good ol' Carl write a complete book in three days – a book that was the cornerstone of his (mis)understanding on different subjects like God, religion, man, etc. It's called automatic writing – Philemon did the talking, Carl simply wrote down what he heard. Now as I said Jung is one of the two fathers of this unconsciousness stuff and his theories (most, if not all, coming from an evil spirit) were hungrily consumed by the psychology academia. So here, in brief, is one way psychology entered into your educational system:

It started from satan..... who worked through his army of demons, Philemon in particular..... who found an entrance into Carl Jung’s life and taught him sinister fabrications..... and Carl, through writings and lectures, taught the psychology academia..... who passed it on as gospel truth to teachers..... who in turn teach the students. There you have it.

Is psychotherapy beneficial? Even a little? Let’s look at an experiment prudently hidden from the public. This experiment involves 650 boys who, it was thought, might develop delinquent behavior. The boys were divided into two equal groups, one group was to be left alone, the other group received special tutoring, joined the scouts and the YMCA, – AND five years of psychoanalysis or psychotherapy. Of course everyone thought the group given the special attention would come out on top. But surprise, surprise. The first study of both these groups revealed that the left-alone kids did slightly better than the others. And in the second study – the boys now being about 55 years old – the “criminal behavior, mental and work problems, and alcoholism was far greater among those who had received the psychotherapy than those who had not” (see note 3).

You see, it's all a cruel hoax. If I had space I could tell you more wild stuff – like the ink test – that was a test administered by the psychotherapy industry to a million victims a year – if the victim should happen to see an inkblot that makes him think of some religious symbol he is – get this – considered to be a schizo or maybe oversexed! Hunt and McMahon write (note 3), "The attempts to deal with human problems on the basis of Freudian/Jungian theories of the unconscious has spawned more than 250 contradictory therapies and 10,000 competing techniques." One such technique is sex with one’s psychologist. Another is to place the patient in a large crib, give him a bottle to suck on and a doll to play with and tell him to scream, “Mommy, I hate you!”

You may think these psychologists are scientists whose only motive is the truth. Un-unh. They are not scientists at all, but religionists whose real motivation is to avoid getting a rep as a quack. If they wanted truth they would have found it a long time ago. (The same applies to you.) If truth were to go for a trip to Australia they would search for it in the Rockies or maybe Iceland or something – anywhere but Australia.

Jesus is the Truth. What He has said is the truth. The Bible is the truth about the Truth. People who want truth instinctively turn to Christ. People who don’t don’t. If you want the truth turn to the Bible and read what Jesus has to say. His words are the only words safe to build upon.

Turn to Jesus. Come to Him, the sinner you are, and ask him to forgive your many sins. Invite Him to sit on the throne of your life and be your boss and captain and friend.

Until next time.....

Note 1: Thomas Szasz, psychiatrist, The Myth of Psychotherapy, Doubleday.
Note 2: Martin Gross, The Psychological Society, Random House.
Note 3: Dave Hunt and T.A. McMahon, America; the Sorcerer’s New Apprentice, Harvest House.

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