: Christianity VS Religion

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Dear Mason,

The Masonic Lodge is not only secretive to outsiders but to each other, including yourself. How would you feel if your teenage son or daughter associated himself with a secret organization he knew very little about? Why, you would have a right to know, does this organization have to be secret? What’s to hide?

The Masonic Lodge has much to hide. When they told you, “I assure you there is nothing therein that is incompatible with your civil and religious duties or with those higher and nobler duties which you owe to God, your country, your neighbor, your family or yourself,” they told you a lie.

They said Masonry is not a religion but in fact it has an extensive belief system, much of which is compatible with New Age mentality. They told you by good works and self-improvement you can make your own way to the Celestial Lodge Above when in fact your best works are as filthy rags in God’s sight and will win you nothing more than the Infernal Lodge Below! They never once told you faith in Christ is necessary for salvation. Why? Because they don’t believe that to be so. In fact, the Masonic Lodge and Jesus Christ are enemies of each other.

The Masonic Lodge will lead to remorse and pain, lots of both. There are many who fear for their life simply because they chose to leave this “benevolent society.” The oaths you and other Masons have made are not only an insult to God but to reason as well. Come on now..... Pontiff?..... Most Excellent Master?..... Knight of the Brazen Serpent? I mean, really! Isn’t it a bit childish?

Cancel your foolishness with wisdom. You made bad choices, now make a wise one – humble yourself and turn to Christ – for forgiveness, for salvation, for entrance into God’s kingdom. Throw away that white apron. Renounce those foolish oaths. And turn to Christ.

Thanks for listening.


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