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Excerpts from a letter sent by a dear Catholic lady:

Dear Larry,

.....I am answering your article ‘Christianity vs. Catholicism’ because I feel for you. And for all those whose minds you touch. I am only a little soul but God is my Everything. I concur with you that the aim of Christianity is union with God. This union has brought me so much joy that nothing else in life can compare with it – neither material, nor even the best of human love can begin to touch the wondrous embrace of God with His creature. The things of this earth, however beautiful and good – all these are love letters from God.....

.....Christ’s sorrow surrounds me as I think of you and of the people you are misleading. Somehow you have heard the letter of the Law and have failed to understand its Spirit. Perhaps your teachers fell short – and don’t we all – we are such unfinished beings until we see the face of God. Or perhaps your own spirit was not accepting of the truth at that time. In any case there is both truth and grave error in what you report.....

.....You, in your letter, stated that you write these things because it is a matter of our eternal death if we don’t accept your version of the truth. Now, are you suggesting, for example, that Mother Theresa is to be damned because she does not follow the teachings of Larry Jones?

.....In your description of confession, which must be seen in a wider context of reconciliation with God and community, I see a basic lack of faith in God’s way, in His chosen way of operating with us. Jesus often used physical things to heal – a piece of mud, a bit of spittle, etc., not because He needed these things to heal us, but because we need physical assurances – we need to see with our eyes and hear with our ears and to touch and be touched as Thomas did.....

.....If you, Larry, were not converted to Christ as a Catholic, that is precisely where you failed as a Catholic, and as such, you surely cannot give a true critique of the Catholic faith.....

.....Well, this short letter has grown very long, but I pray that the Spirit of God will speak to you through my words, that your inaccurate and distorted portrayal of Christ’s Church, like Paul’s first faulty zeal, will give way to the truth, lest you too hear Christ’s accusation: “Larry, Larry, why are you persecuting me?”

Sincerely in Jesus,

Name withheld

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