: You ... In Perspective
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Page Four

YOU...in perspective


There are two possibilities:

1) You are a product of evolution, or

2) You are a creation of God.

The following are excerpts from Issue # 1, Evolution vs. Creation of The Main Issue:

.....Nothing out there in our universe is as complex and wondrous as you. Think about it. Do you know of any stars and planets that can see and hear and talk as you can? Or jump and walk and do sit-ups? Can’t you understand you yourselves are living proof of the reality of God?

Why is it when you first laid eyes on a computer you knew immediately that someone made it, but when you look at yourself in a mirror you do not come to the same conclusion? Could a computer just happen? Yet you are much more complex than it. Can a computer taste or breathe or whistle? Or bend or yell or snore? Or hope? Or dream?

Can a computer believe? Or love or hate? Or forgive? Or enjoy? Or relax and appreciate and laugh? Or regret? Or console? Or reminisce?

.....how could something so intricate as yourselves just happen to be? Look again at that wonderful machine that is you. You can think and imagine and observe and reason. You have the ability to create and teach and converse. You can remember, co-operate, recognize. You can choose and estimate, question and suggest, scold and pretend.

And more! You can hunt and argue and visit and play. You can plan and gamble and write and study. And purchase and inspect and memorize and spell.

You can sing a song. Have a baby. Come to a conclusion. Tell a joke. Eat corn flakes.Play charades. Drive a car. Read a book. Catch a ball. Fry an egg. Flip a coin.

Consider your fantastic earthsuit. When it gets cold something turns on a shiver machine to restore heat. When it's hot it somehow starts to sweat and its temperature drops. When a nasty germ strikes, an army of white blood cells retaliates. If it gets cut it patches itself without even leaving a scar. And when it gets tired you enter into an unconscious state called sleep and wake up refreshed. It has a pump that has pulsated about 10,000 times every day of your life - and it never had a tune-up, oil change or grease job. Your body has an efficient respiratory, digestive, circulatory, and urinary system, all controlled by a supercomputer brain. And it's all wrapped up in a miracle called skin to form an amazingly compact package.

A product of evolution? Chance happenings? Natural selection? Descendant of apes?

The theory of evolution requires hundreds of billions of years because, according to evolutionists, it takes this long for life as we know it to evolve. Therefore during those hundreds of billions of years the earth never moved out of its position of orbit, not even slightly, because if it moved further from the sun it would be too cold to sustain life, and if it moved closer it would be scorched. Do you believe it is possible for a planet to maintain, without outside assistance, a perfect orbit for hundreds of billions of years, not straying from its path even one-five thousandths of a degree? If you do not, you cannot accept the theory of evolution.

The theory of evolution, in its varied and changing forms, is a lie of desperate men intent on denying the reality of God and the validity of the Bible which states so clearly, “In the beginning God created...” You are a special and unique creation of God, the same One who created the universe and the planet and the country in which you live. You are loved by Him, special in His sight, never forgotten.

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