John fifteen - Introduction


John is my favorite book and John fifteen is my favorite chapter. It speaks of relationship, mostly between Jesus and the believer. To become a christian, one must get John chapter three. To be a successful christian one must get John chapter fifteen.

I am most pleased you have visited my website and are now reading these words. Let me give you a behind-the-scenes peek at John Fifteen.

While most would say they have 'come from' – that is, have been taught, trained or highly influenced by – a particular church or person or camp or denomination, I have ‘come from’ the room I am now sitting in. On sunday mornings when you were off to church I was here. I have been here for about twelve years. The Lord has called me aside for a season, yes, a long season. If that seems strange, think of Moses (40 years) and John the baptist (the wilderness) and Paul (Arabia) and John (Patmos). Sure I worked at my trade part time, and did the husband/father/grandfather things that husbands/fathers/grandfathers do, and yes I have attended a few conferences, but mostly I have been very much alone and Spirit-taught.

I am of the opinion that John Fifteen is of the Holy Spirit, intended for those wanting a finer relationship with our Jesus. Does that include you? Do you crave more of Him? I am going to assume you do, at least a part of you does. And, if you have similarity to most, a part of you does not. There is an internal warfare between two factions, the part that wants Christ and the part that resists. If you read John Fifteen the part that wants will be strengthened and the part that doesn't will be weakened.

Now when I say read, I don't mean speed read. I mean peruse, you know, examine. Hurry is the enemy of most. I hope you won't click your way through my website with the one intent of getting it behind you. Please don't rush through that which I have meticulously prepared. For you. To be more precise, please don't rush through that which the Holy Spirit has prepared for you through me.

The Holy Spirit gives gifts and insights to each for the purpose of blessing his/her brothers and sisters in Christ. To the one preaching the Lord expects responsibility; to the one listening the Lord expects responsibility.

The preacher (we are all called to preach) must be diligent to find His message and His timing. One must relate what has been given with courage and clarity. And give freely. And speak or write as one aware an account is forthcoming.

And the listener? The listener must be teachable but not naive, humble but not gullible,  discerning but not critical. And impartial, as eager to learn from the unknown and unlicensed (ahem!) as the renown and certified.

There is a nice word in the Psalms – Selah – which, many scholars claim, means reflect or consider. Selah is a good word I pray comes to mind often as you read/hear your way through John Fifteen.

As (in this instance) the preacher/teacher, I feel I have done my job. I am presenting a clear and relevant word, one that will transform lives and add good fruit. I trust you will now do your part. Pause and reflect. Chew and consider. Discern and judge. Come to a conclusion and respond accordingly. (And direct others to this site, those who you think will benefit.) 

A. W.  T o z e r : The Lord has nothing to say to a frivolous man. (God Tells the Man Who Cares)

But He has much to say to “he who has ears to hear.” Jesus has manna for the hungry, insights for the caring, a message for faithful messengers. 


And again, welcome to John Fifteen.