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Issue # 4 - Heaven and Hell

Issue # 4 - Heaven and Hell

Posted on November 22, 2020


Caution! Brace yourself for an extraordinary ride as The Main Issue takes you through an excursion that will surely impact your life. Indeed, to read it may take a pinch of courage. But not reading would rob yourself of life-giving knowledge.

You think about it once in a while – heaven and hell – but it can be scary. Some have told you they are both myths, something Christians invented to entice/scare you into the Christian fold. But what does the Bible say?

The Bible. It all rests on the Bible. If the Bible is true then what this book has to say about heaven and hell must likewise be true.

So what does the Bible say about heaven and hell? And has anyone ever seen these places and come back to tell about them? You are about to find out. So take courage, fasten your seat belt, open your mind, and hang on! And away we go!!


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