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Issue # 5 - Christ the Healer

Issue # 5 - Christ the Healer

Posted on November 22, 2020


Two thousand years ago Jesus Christ paid the price for 1) your eternal life and 2) your health. Those are two of the reasons He went to the cross. You have heard, perhaps, that He was killed by the Romans. But Jesus laid down His life freely. He could have called a legion of angels to come to His rescue, but that would have defeated His objective. He came for this very purpose...the CROSS.


He did it for you. You have to see that. If someone died in order to save your life when you were an infant, wouldn’t you want to know about it? Wouldn’t you demand to know all the details? Like..... who was he?..... where did he come from?..... what was his name?..... why did he do it?..... what did he save me from?

Well, someone did die for you. That is the truth. It really happened.

Why wouldn't you want to know about it? Why shouldn’t you demand to know the details? Like..... who was He?..... where did He come from?..... what was His name?..... why did He do it?..... what did He save me from?s

Really, why wouldn’t you want to know?

Again, He died to save you from the penalty of your sins, and He died to save you from sickness and disease and infirmity and poverty.

The price has been paid. In full. True, you may never appropriate the wonderful gifts Jesus paid for on your behalf. You may die in sickness and enter into an eternity of remorse. Nonetheless, the price has been paid, and deliverance from sin and sickness is yours for the receiving.

This fifth edition of The Main Issue is about the healing and health of your body. As you read this paper you will be amazed to discover the outstanding things God has done in ‘hopeless’ cases. You will see just how awesome your Creator is. And you will have a deeper insight into His love for you.

But first I want to again challenge you..... Why wouldn’t you want to know about the One who laid down His life on your behalf?

Is it simply that you don’t believe it? Or..... could it be you are ashamed to identify with Christ? You sense, perhaps, that you will lose the approval of friends and loved ones if you acknowledge Jesus as the One who saved you. And you’re probably right.

I once heard a story of a young lady who, as an infant, was saved from fire by her mother. The child was uninjured but Mother’s face was horribly disfigured, so much so that she always hid when her daughter brought friends home. One day Mother was taken by surprise. The daughter walked through the door unexpectedly from college with a few friends when Mother was halfway up the stairs. For a few seconds Mother found herself staring at her daughter’s friends’ horrified faces and then she darted out of sight. “Who was that?!” the friends asked. “Oh, that’s just the maid,” the embarrassed daughter replied.

I invite you to read about that disfigured Person who hung by three nails on a Roman cross two thousand years ago on your behalf.

There is a solution for that sickness or infirmity in your body. There is a connection between your healing and the cross of Christ. Scattered throughout this paper are a number of mini-lessons for your perusal. These lessons are digestible, helpful and inspiring, knowledge to the uninformed, hope to the hopeless.

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