Larry Jones
Issue # 6 - Two Kingdoms

Issue # 6 - Two Kingdoms

Posted on November 22, 2020


There is a kingdom of light.
There is a kingdom of darkness.
Jesus verifies both kingdoms.
The Bible often makes reference to the kingdom of light.
The Bible often makes reference to the kingdom of darkness.
Every Christian is a citizen of the domain of light.
Every non-Christian is a citizen of the domain of darkness.
There is an escape from the realm of darkness.
Jesus came to save us from darkness.
Those escaping the kingdom of darkness are instantly translated into the kingdom of light.

Welcome to the sixth issue of The Main Issue, Two Kingdoms.

If someone reported to you that you had an enemy, someone who knew all about you even though you never met this person, someone who hated you and was persistently scheming to harm you, to destroy you, to take away all you have, it would be very important to determine if in fact the report were true. If you learned the report is a hoax you can relax and carry on. But if you conclude the terrible warning is accurate you should certainly make major adjustments in your life.

Occasional references were made in past issues of The Main Issue to an extremely perverse and dangerous person who hates you and is working through an army of equally perverse underlings to destroy your life and lead you to a place you don't want to go. This report of a diabolic enemy is not a strange invention; it is indeed an age-old warning declared by Christians to every generation of every century for two thousand years.

But is the report of satan true? Is he real? If he is not real but merely, as some would suggest, a myth having survived the centuries, an invention of Christians to draw people into their fold, a mere allegory to convey the dark side of human nature, then you can relax and carry on. But if the report is true, if the enemy is real, it would be wise to make some major adjustments.

When reading Two Kingdoms keep in mind there is an escape from the kingdom of darkness.

You are inside a house, you open the door, walk out, and suddenly you are outside. How did you get out? You simply walked through the door. You are in one room, you walk through the doorway and you are suddenly in another room. That was simple – you simply walked through the doorway. You will never get out of a house or out of a room unless you use the door.

You are now in the kingdom of darkness. How do you get out of this place? How do you get into the kingdom of God?

There is only one way out and in. You must walk through the door. On the other side of the door is another kingdom, another world. It is the “kingdom of His dear Son.” To get into that kingdom you must go through the door. If you do not go through the door you will remain in satan’s domain. That door is Jesus Christ.

Issue # 6 - Two Kingdoms - Larry Jones
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