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Issue # 7 - Christianity vs Religion

Issue # 7 - Christianity vs Religion

Posted on November 22, 2020



No, not all phone calls are angry calls, less than fifteen or twenty percent. Most callers are polite and offer encouragement. It seems, however, The Main Issue steps on a lot of toes. There are many who do not want to hear about things that matter.

And yet people have the right to know. And yes, they also have the right to not know. One patient says, “Tell me, Doctor, I want to know whether it's good news or bad.” Another says, “Don’t tell me any bad news, I just don’t want to know!”

Every person has the right to know the truth if he so chooses. The truth is, according to the Bible and according to the recorded words of Jesus Christ, that each of us has an enemy, someone very interested in the destruction of our eternal lives. The Main Issue brought that truth door to door throughout Kelowna and the reaction by some was a bit scary.

Some objected because they thought it was too explicit (and they may have a point), but there were others who simply objected to being told they have an enemy intent on their destruction. They just don’t want to hear it and even object to others hearing it.

This edition, Christianity vs. Religion, will upset many. What right do people have to give their opinion about my religion? And yet there are thousands in Kelowna who would leave their religion in a flash if they came to know the truth about their religion. Many have been taught since childhood their faith in a particular religion will bring them success when in fact it will bring disaster. To them there is no other world but the one imposed upon them by others. Each has the right to have the truth presented to them. What they do with it is their prerogative. Regardless, they have the right to know.

A family who used to live next door is entrenched in the Jehovah’s Witness organization. The small children are now grown up and do what they have been admonished to do – knock on doors and stand on corners, spreading the same misconceptions that had been unrelentingly imposed on them. Do they not have the right to the truth? Is placing The Main Issue on their doorstep an unkind act?

This edition of The Main Issue will probably be the most controversial of all ten. It exposes religion for what it is, a counterfeit to true Christianity. When Jesus came to earth through the body and obedience of a virgin it was not for the purpose of presenting another religion. No, He came to give Himself. He came for the purpose of bringing life, eternal life, to those who would embrace Him as lord and request His forgiveness.

It was the religious who were His most ardent enemies. It was the religious who had Him crucified. It was the religious who hindered others from coming to Him. And so it is today.

Religion holds a certain respectability with man, but not so with God. Religion is a counterfeit to His redemption plan – that plan being His only begotten Son.

So phone all you want, you who hold your religion above God’s word. Scream and complain and threaten and call names to your heart’s desire, you who place your gospel before the gospel of Christ, you who cherish the words of man over the words of your Creator, you who refuse to bow to the lordship of Christ.

The Main Issue goes forth!

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