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Like Really

Like Really

Posted on November 22, 2020


Born Choosers

We are not born winners.... we are not born losers.... we are born choosers.... like really.

My Town

The religious institution you are attached to has much to do with the person you have become and are becoming.

The Tour Begins

In my study of Trinity Baptist Church in Kelowna, B.C., Canada, CHURCH was spoken more than CHRIST by a ratio of 3 to 1. Adversely, The NT mentions CHURCH less than CHRIST, by a ratio of 1 to 13. For the thinking evangelical, this is SCARY stuff! Like really.

Hopelessness, Real Hopelessness

Richard experienced the hopelessness of hell. An eternity of no hope. Ceaseless hopelessness. Richard: "There is no Redeemer in hell."

Two Great Invitations

The second Great Invitation is only for those who have embraced Christ's first invitation, those whose names can be found in the Lamb's book of life.

The Tour Continues

At Evangel Church (Kelowna, B.C.) CHRIST is spoken. But to what degree? That is the issue. Sadly, CHURCH is emphasized much more than Jesus. Something.... is.... wrong. Like really.

Who Are You Following?

A follower of evangelicalism (an evangelical) is not a follower of Christ. And a follower of Christ is not a follower of evangelicalism. A follower of Christ is a follower of.... Christ.

What Book Will I Obey?

There are two books Evangelicals cleave to - the Bible and the Book of Evangelicalism. These two books are contrary to each other.

God People vs Christ People

Caustic question: "Why do christians avoid the name of Jesus?" I think I know.

Beyond The Evangelical Veil

Let's take a peek behind that veil, okay?

Though None Go With Me

I was a very young christian, about six months. We were singing, "Though none go with me still I will follow" when the Holy Spirit spoke a word that shook me......

Next Stop: Kelowna Christian Center

Kelowna Christian Center was the outcome of an ugly church split. It was a church split from Evangel Tabernacle that gave birth to KCC. Bitterness from the Evangel camp lasted years. Families were divided, accusations exchanged, and on and on. It really was ugly.

I Once Was Found

“Good-bye Jesus, hello again carnal friends!” Departing from Christ (or backsliding) is something many converts to Lord Jesus do. More, perhaps much more, than you think.

KCC.... Again

Because evangelicalism competes with the Lord Jesus for the hearts of God's people, Jesus wants the veil that hides evangelicalism to be removed. I unveil evangelicalism by unveiling evangelical churches. Thus this second visit to KCC.

Jesus Tithed, Right?

Did Jesus the carpenter tithe? Did the fishermen brothers - Peter and Andrew, James and John - tithe? What about Matthew the tax collector and Luke the physician? The answer will surprise almost ever viewer of "Like Really?".

Spiritual Leverage, Spiritual Abuse

Pulpit-people have leverage - strategic advantage - over pew-people. Not good. Very not good.

Let's Do The Math

Church buildings can be appraised in both money or souls. How many will perish eternally because of money spent to build a church building?

Your Bible-Believing Church Isn't

My Bible-believing church isn't what?! Your Bible-believing church isn't Bible-believing. Like really.

Are You And the Holy Spirit Together?

That's together RELATIONALLY.

Loving God, Loving Truth

Should Pastors Be Salaried?

When Jesus said, "The labourer is worthy of his wages" did He mean, "The labourer is worthy of a salary"?

YOU Are Ordained To Preach

Who me?.... Yes, you.   You gotta be kidding!.... No, ain't kidding.      Like really?.... Like really.

Can We Love Too Much?

Can we love people too much?.... Yes.    Can we love Jesus too much?..... Never!

Like REALLY?: A VideoBook

A VideoBook is a book of videos. Each video is a chapter. Every chapter is relevant, as in VERY relevant.

Next Stop: Willow Park Church

Willow Park Church is the next stop on our spiritual tour of Kelowna, B.C. Canada.

Relationship! Relationship! Relationship!

'Us-and-Jesus' or 'me-and-Jesus'? What does our Lord want us to be?

My Dear Facebook Friends

Paul: "I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ." Paul was not ashamed of the gospel because he was not ashamed of Christ.

George Foreman's Helluva' Scare

George Foreman, former boxing heavyweight champion of the world, dies in his dressing room after a defeat, and has an extremely scary out-of-body experience.

God's Tithe vs Evangelical Tithe

There is little resemblance between God's tithe as initiated by Moses and the evangelical tithe.

God Does NOT Have Everything Under Control!

God does not control us, though He definitely influences. He never trespasses the free will He gave us.

Why Don't My Friends 'LIKE' Me?

"The fear of man brings a snare." The fear of man keeps many from LIKE-ing what they like. Like really.

Churchianity: Perpetual Embers of Strife

Christians are not meant to be managed by christians; it goes against their born-again nature.

Where's the Discernment?

Only those led by the Holy Spirit are able to discern the will of God for their lives.

Such Injustice! Such Waste!

A wealthy landlord, his homeland people stricken by a deadly epidemic, the antibiotic that cures, his trusted stewards....

This Is My Story

I was "born of the Spirit" way back in 1972. No man evangelized me; it was the Holy Spirit who directed me to Christ. This is my story....

Some Brotherly Advice....

Talk to Jesus, talk to Jesus, talk to Jesus. Throughout the day and into the night, talk to Jesus.

95 THESES.... again

On June 24th, 2009 I posted my 95 Theses 'on the door' of evangelicalism. Do you think Martin Luther would be pleased?

Dear Pastor Whoever

Dear Pastor Whoever: I can do something you can't do. Actually, I did something you can't do.

God Is Not There!

God is in His will, His ways, His words. God is NOT in man's will, man's ways, man's words.

Are You Where God Isn't?

Why would a child of God be connected to that which God is not connected?

Elders, Yes. Eldership, No.

How did "elders", which is Scriptural, get stretched into "eldership" which can't be found in Scripture?

My Friend Richard

Of all the people in my life, Richard made the greatest impact. He was a true elder.


A pastor, a plumber, a pulpit. Bryden Falls Community Christian Center. Somewhere in western Canada skirting the Canada-U.S. border.

Controllers vs Controlled

God never assigned any man or group of men to control your christianity. Influence, yes. Control, no.

Distribution Center or Storage Center? Hmmm.

Lord Jesus never appointed anyone to be a storage center. Faithful disciples of Christ are distribution centers. Amen?

Truth Is and Isn't Free

Both truth and untruth are free, yet costly. One sets free, the other confines. Both have eternal consequences.

The Weirdest Altar Call Ever

Merf and Mannie, a clashing married couple, are my imaginary friends who demonstrate the trappings of religion.

What About the Holy Spirit?

The Father sent the Holy Spirit to every Christian. Yes, God sent God to you. Like really? Yes, like really.

Evangelicalism IS a Religion!

Most christians are entangled in, suppressed by, servants of, a religion. And most of the most don't realize it.

O Foolish Galatians! O Foolish Evangelicals!

Are today's evangelicals as foolish as yesterday's Galatians?

We Are All Good At What We Do

Pew-people have a calling to preach that is equal to pulpit-people.

Jesus, Do You Want Me To Tithe?

The most logical way of finding out if Lord Jesus wants you to tithe is to ask Him. Amen?

Jesus Does NOT Want You To Tithe!

Evangelicals must learn that submitting to evangelicalism, including the 'evangelical tithe', is not submitting to Christ. Such is contrary to Christ.

Tithers Defend the Indefensible Tithe

Tithers were stirred to defend the tithe from my suggestion, "Jesus does not want you to tithe!" This is a response to their response.

Only the Immature Need Church

The mature may or may not want/like church, but they don't need church. Christ alone is their sufficiency.

"They Don't Want Him!"

Who is "Him"? Who are "they"?

"Worthy Is The Lamb Who Was Slain!"

Our precious Father said of our precious Jesus, "This is My beloved Son in whom I am well pleased."

Seven Questions

Seven questions regarding the upcoming, crucial but mostly ignored, judgement seat of Christ.

Pastor Whoever vs Jesus Christ

If Pastor Whoever is on the wrong side of the tithe debate he is therefore in discord with Jesus. He injures Christ's church.

Pastor Whoever vs Jesus Christ (PART 2)

Lord Jesus: "Do not be called leaders; for One is your Leader, that is, Christ." (Mat.23:10 NASB)

"The Lord Is My Shepherd." Like Really?

Paul warned, "Savage wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock." Today, are these "savage wolves" seated in pews or standing behind pulpits?

S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-D Scripture

All religions, including evangelicalism, are built upon s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d  Scripture. But s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d  Scripture isn't Scripture.

Reformation Of The Heart

Lord Jesus is not interested in reforming denominations. He wants to bring reformation to His people, a reformation of the heart.

In Defence Of 'Tongues'

Paul wrote, "I speak with tongues more than you all." And, "I wish you all spoke with tongues." Hmmm... What does that tell us?

Would Paul Be Welcomed in Kelowna?

Surely if the Lord Jesus sent Paul, His special emissary, from New Jerusalem to Kelowna, he would be welcomed. Or would he?

How Much Does Your Pastor Make?

Most who finance the pastor's salary have no idea what that salary is. While a salary is non-Biblical, an undisclosed (concealed) salary is immoral.

Paul vs Peter

Paul opposed Peter because "what he did was very wrong." If APOSTLE Peter could not be trusted, how can we trust PASTOR Peter? Or Pastor Fred? Or Pastor Whoever?

Two Hands, Two Hearts

How easy it is to lose one's devotion to our Lord Jesus. And how easy it is to recover what was lost.

Showdown in Antioch

Peter "was afraid of criticism". Fear is something we do and fear is something we have. We fear rejection as much as we crave acceptance.

"Their Worship Is A Farce!"

Jesus deemed their worship artificial and empty. Why? Because they made God's word "of no effect" for the sake of their traditions. Evangelicals, etcetera, commit the same crime.

"God Tells the Man Who Cares"

Thorny quotes from an influential writer/pastor/prophet from a previous generation, a man who cared, A.W. Tozer (1897-1963).

Not All Christians Go To Church

Like medicine, Sunday morning services can be beneficial. But, like medicine, we must beware of the side effects.

There's Praying and There's Saying

Lord Jesus prayed for things, and Lord Jesus spoke to things. There is a time to pray (petition) and there is a time to speak authoritatively.

Tell Me, Sister....

Tell me Sister, why do you call another man "Pastor"? How can you expect the kids to esteem dad as the family's spiritual leader if you don't?

Cessationism: A Nasty Word

To deflect from their failure to imitate the supernatural works of Christ, some (most?) denominations have invented a nasty doctrine: Cessationism.

YOU Have A Ministry Gift !

According to Ephesians, chapter four, Lord Jesus invested in YOU either the 'ministry' gift of apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor or teacher. Like really.

Ministry Gift? Me? Like Really?

Jesus invested in you a ministry gift: apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, teacher. And Jesus expects you to exercise your gift.

"To Love Is To Hate"

The Father highly rewarded Jesus for two reasons: 1) He loved righteousness and 2) He hated iniquity. Many who assume they love God lots.... don't. Their love for God is no deeper than their disdain for disobedience.

An Overview of Evangelicalism

Are evangelicals responding to Christ's mandate - to take His gospel to the nations - with urgency or lethargy? And if lethargy, does that reveal a lethargic relationship with Lord Jesus? Just asking.

A Den Of Thieves

Jesus called 'them' "a den of thieves. Could Jesus also call us "a den of thieves"? Think about it. Are we taking His mandate to reach the nations with His gospel seriously?

Good Example? Or Bad Example?

What you do is a declaration of what you believe. Your refusal to compromise will do much for your congregation and for the cause of Christ.

Follow The Money

Salaries of the 47 employees at Trinity Baptist church of Kelowna, B.C., for a one year period, totalled $1,660,265. Two of the 18 full-time employees earned somewhere between $80,000 and $119,999. How does this compare with NT precedents?...... it doesn't.

"And My Words Abide In You"

Words are powerful. It was words that made the nonbeliever a christian. And it was words that made the christian an evangelical. Jesus' words must have supremacy over evangelical words; the otherwise is disobedience and regret.

Larry Jones vs Carey Nieuwhof

Carey and Larry view evangelicalism quite contrarily. Carey enhances it, Larry hates it. Is this religion a creation of Lord Jesus or the outcome of man's itch to build things? Is it the outgrowth of God's Bible or is it revamped catholicism?

Compromise Cripples

Compromise devalues one's relationship with the Lord Jesus. Devotion to Christ is diluted to the degree one compromises. The branch (the christian) is still attached to the Vine (Lord Jesus), but the connection is less firm.

Poor Mary Magdalene

Jesus ascended into heaven. How will Mary Magdalene survive without her beloved Master? No governing religious body. No salaried pastor. No sunday services. If the evangelical concludes Mary probably got along just fine without evangelicalism, he is declaring so could he. If her christianity would have been encumbered by an institutional church, perhaps his is also.

Three Sick Sermons

'Sick' is an appropriate word to describe a sermon that undermines an evangelical's relationship with Lord Jesus.

Sick Sermon # 2

Most congregations have heard this sick sermon, many several times.

Beautiful To Ugly In 10 Seconds

His sermon was beautiful; Jesus was exalted. And then it turned ugly; Jesus was maligned.

Tithing Is A Sting Operation

The awful evangelical tithe is a devious sting devised over several decades by devious leadership.

From Duped To Un-Duped

A duped christian is a follower of christians. An un-duped christian is a follower of Christ.

A Catholic No More

Compromisers - religion's adders and subtracters - seat each other in places of prominence. I was their victim, but no more. Thank You, Jesus.

Talk To Jesus! Talk To Jesus!

Tell me, do you get it? Do you really understand that fixing the relationship problem between Christ and christian fixes everything?

Revival vs Reformation

The Holy Spirit does not revive the revived. He revives the spiritual drowsy.

Pastor.... Listen Up, Will You?

To every evangelical pastor I say this: If you want to be informed, you will listen. If you don't want to be informed, you won't listen.

Who Is My Pastor?.... JESUS!

Lord Jesus is my pastor, Lord Jesus is my ONLY pastor, Lord Jesus will be my only pastor for all eternity.

Five Prayers For You

Can I pray for you?..... 1) your future christianity.... 2) your relationship with Jesus.... 3) healing and health.... 4) spiritual freedom....5) your eternity.

Pastor.... Will You Sign Your Bible?

Status quo has a firm grip on their heart. The way it is muzzles them. They long ago gave themselves over to denominational lords; to them they bow and them they obey.

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