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Beware of controllers

Beware of controllers! Again I say, beware of controllers!

A controller is not satisfied to influence (I want to influence others, including you), but has a need to manipulate your christianity. Controllers in marriage will not be satisfied until his/her spouse is fully compliant. In the secular word, controllers often seek positions of authority whereby they can direct the lives of others. In the church, controllers drool over the pulpit.

A good example of a controller is the guy directing traffic at a busy intersection when the traffic lights stop working. This is his moment. He puts on a uniform, blows his whistle, and points. “You stop! You go! You turn! You wait until I say go!” One man controlling so many. Oh the power! Oh the glory!

A politician may run for office because of an honest desire to serve his country. But often his motivation is nothing more than a need to control. Many Pastor Whoevers seek the immensely powerful pulpit because of an honest desire to serve fellow christians. But often his motivation, though he may not realize it, is nothing more noble than a need to control.

Controllers are everywhere…. in the workplace, on the sports field, in official offices and…. in the church. While the percentage of controllers occupying pews may be small, the percentage of controllers occupying pulpits is quite high.

The personality and motive of the controller is opposite than that of the Holy Spirit. While the Holy Spirit guides (Jesus said, “He will guide you into all truth”) the controller manipulates. While the Holy Spirit is gentle (“The fruit of the Holy Spirit is…. gentleness”) the controller can be cruel when his ‘authority’ is threatened. While the Holy Spirit is sincere, the controller is cunning. The Holy Spirit always magnifies Jesus Christ; the controller has no such urgency. The Holy Spirit serves (Lord Jesus called Him “the Helper”); the controller only pretends to be a servant. The Holy Spirit calls you to preach “Jesus Christ and Him crucified”; the controller would consider this an intrusion on his ministry. The Holy Spirit feeds Christ’s sheep; the controller fleeces Christ’s sheep.

Again I say, beware the controller! He may be charming, dynamic, charismatic, whatever, but his heart is to use you to fulfill his religious ambitions. He will devalue your most valuable possession, your relationship with Lord Jesus. My brothers and sisters in Christ, beware the controller!