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Dear FB Friends

My name is Larry Jones. I want to share with you a very special moment in which I was thoroughly impacted, blessed and fortified. This occurred recently, Monday November 14th, 2022. As I share this significant happening that came my way via a few words from a newsletter article, I am confident you will also be impacted. Most certainly you will be challenged, perhaps as never before.

The article concerns “the anointing” and was authored by Curry Blake, a name familiar to many. Curry believes and teaches, “ALL believers are anointed”. Not a few, not some, but all, and this includes you. A little while ago he had “asked the Lord why well-known ministers who were adept and skillful in the Scriptures couldn’t see the truth.”

Curry is the overseer of John G. Lake Ministries. JGLM is arguably the largest and most successful healing ministry in the entire world. I have so-o-o-o much respect for this brother and so-o-o-o highly recommend his extensive teachings focussing on releasing the power of Christ’s healing and deliverance onto humanity.

The article continues, “His [the Lord’s] answer was very quick and to the point: ‘Some see it and ignore it because it makes them needed and “special” (job security). Others see it and ignore it because they have built their ministry on being “anointed” and they cannot change for fear of losing their followers.’ ”

It was Curry’s second question to the Lord that, to me, was most relevant: “Should I leave it alone or keep hammering away at it?” Why was this inquiry to Jesus so important to me? Because….

I very often, in my postings and on my website, write things people don’t like to hear. I occasionally cross-examine myself…. Am I being divisive? Hurtful? Inflammatory?

My writings are directed, mostly, to evangelicals who are unaware of the detrimental consequences of evangelicalism. Generally speaking (I do a lot of generally speaking), not only do they not know, they don’t want to know. Like the catholic and like the mormon they resist the very truths that can set them free from religious bondage.

The pharisees were offended because Jesus’ disciples did not observe the many…