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Issue # 10 – Jesus Christ: King of Kings and Lord of Lords


Jesus Christ is by far the most remarkable person ever to live. No one compares. No one comes close. Jesus is in a caliber of His own.

John the baptist, a great man by human standard, said of Jesus, “(His) sandal strap I am not worthy to unloose.” An officer sent to arrest Jesus said, “No man ever spoke like this man!” A man born blind declared, “One thing I know: that though I was blind, now I see.” Peter felt so small in His presence he said, “Depart from me, for I am a sinful man, O Lord.” Thomas said to Jesus, “My Lord and my God!”

Jesus is unique. His virgin birth, His resurrection, His ascension into heaven – these all affirm His matchlessness. Who compares to Christ?

None has so impacted the human race. Around Him relevance revolves. Only He can change a life.

Millions worldwide, of every nation, claim to be His. More songs are sung about and to Jesus than any other. More than any, He has affected the world. At this moment millions are worshiping Jesus from a heart of deep love and gratitude. More than any person, He is quoted, honored, and obeyed.

And hated. Worldwide, people curse His name and persecute His followers. In places His very name is outlawed. It has been so for centuries. Jesus divides the world, nations and families.

Who is this Jesus Christ? From where did He come? What does He require? Where is He now?

The Main Issue is about Jesus Christ because the main issue is Jesus Christ. Jesus asks, “Who do you say I am?” The main issue in your life is: What will I do with Jesus?

Issue # 8 – Heroes of the Faith

Stephen is the first known martyr for Christ and just maybe the first real hero of the faith.

Stephen confronted the religious leaders, those who coerced Pilate to crucify Christ, with the truth. And the truth made them angry enough to kill. Just like the truth spoken by Jesus made them angry enough to kill. So they killed Stephen. They stoned him.

Since, there has been thousands of followers of Christ who earned the entitlement, Hero Of the Faith. Most of the twelve apostles were murdered, as was Paul. You know there were thousands thrown to the lions during the first few centuries after the crucifixion of Christ. And you have heard of the Spanish Inquisitions where many faced the guillotine after surviving imaginative torture techniques. Perhaps you don’t know that thousands behind the iron curtain were severely persecuted, jailed and killed, and their families forced to live in poverty. And perhaps you don’t know many thousands (millions?) in China and elsewhere suffer today because they dare bear the name of Christ.

Not all heroes of the faith are martyred or even severely persecuted, especially in North America. But they earn the entitlement simply because they went further than most. Their faith in Christ, their commitment to Christ, their uncommon love for Christ caused them to do exploits for Christ.

This issue of The Main Issue gives but a sampling of heroism. Enjoy.

Issue # 7 – Christianity vs Religion


No, not all phone calls are angry calls, less than fifteen or twenty percent. Most callers are polite and offer encouragement. It seems, however, The Main Issue steps on a lot of toes. There are many who do not want to hear about things that matter.

And yet people have the right to know. And yes, they also have the right to not know. One patient says, “Tell me, Doctor, I want to know whether it’s good news or bad.” Another says, “Don’t tell me any bad news, I just don’t want to know!”

Every person has the right to know the truth if he so chooses. The truth is, according to the Bible and according to the recorded words of Jesus Christ, that each of us has an enemy, someone very interested in the destruction of our eternal lives. The Main Issue brought that truth door to door throughout Kelowna and the reaction by some was a bit scary.

Some objected because they thought it was too explicit (and they may have a point), but there were others who simply objected to being told they have an enemy intent on their destruction. They just don’t want to hear it and even object to others hearing it.

This edition, Christianity vs. Religion, will upset many. What right do people have to give their opinion about my religion? And yet there are thousands in Kelowna who would leave their religion in a flash if they came to know the truth about their religion. Many have been taught since childhood their faith in a particular religion will bring them success when in fact it will bring disaster. To them there is no other world but the one imposed upon them by others. Each has the right to have the truth presented to them. What they do with it is their prerogative. Regardless, they have the right to know.

A family who used to live next door is entrenched in the Jehovah’s Witness organization. The small children are now grown up and do what they have been admonished to do – knock on doors and stand on corners, spreading the same misconceptions that had been unrelentingly imposed on them. Do they not have the right to the truth? Is placing The Main Issue on their doorstep an unkind act?

This edition of The Main Issue will probably be the most controversial of all ten. It exposes religion for what it is, a counterfeit to true Christianity. When Jesus came to earth through the body and obedience of a virgin it was not for the purpose of presenting another religion. No, He came to give Himself. He came for the purpose of bringing life, eternal life, to those who would embrace Him as lord and request His forgiveness.

It was the religious who were His most ardent enemies. It was the religious who had Him crucified. It was the religious who hindered others from coming to Him. And so it is today.

Religion holds a certain respectability with man, but not so with God. Religion is a counterfeit to His redemption plan – that plan being His only begotten Son.

So phone all you want, you who hold your religion above God’s word. Scream and complain and threaten and call names to your heart’s desire, you who place your gospel before the gospel of Christ, you who cherish the words of man over the words of your Creator, you who refuse to bow to the lordship of Christ.

The Main Issue goes forth!

Issue # 6 – Two Kingdoms

There is a kingdom of light.
There is a kingdom of darkness.
Jesus verifies both kingdoms.
The Bible often makes reference to the kingdom of light.
The Bible often makes reference to the kingdom of darkness.
Every Christian is a citizen of the domain of light.
Every non-Christian is a citizen of the domain of darkness.
There is an escape from the realm of darkness.
Jesus came to save us from darkness.
Those escaping the kingdom of darkness are instantly translated into the kingdom of light.

Welcome to the sixth issue of The Main Issue, Two Kingdoms.

If someone reported to you that you had an enemy, someone who knew all about you even though you never met this person, someone who hated you and was persistently scheming to harm you, to destroy you, to take away all you have, it would be very important to determine if in fact the report were true. If you learned the report is a hoax you can relax and carry on. But if you conclude the terrible warning is accurate you should certainly make major adjustments in your life.

Occasional references were made in past issues of The Main Issue to an extremely perverse and dangerous person who hates you and is working through an army of equally perverse underlings to destroy your life and lead you to a place you don’t want to go. This report of a diabolic enemy is not a strange invention; it is indeed an age-old warning declared by Christians to every generation of every century for two thousand years.

But is the report of satan true? Is he real? If he is not real but merely, as some would suggest, a myth having survived the centuries, an invention of Christians to draw people into their fold, a mere allegory to convey the dark side of human nature, then you can relax and carry on. But if the report is true, if the enemy is real, it would be wise to make some major adjustments.

When reading Two Kingdoms keep in mind there is an escape from the kingdom of darkness.

You are inside a house, you open the door, walk out, and suddenly you are outside. How did you get out? You simply walked through the door. You are in one room, you walk through the doorway and you are suddenly in another room. That was simple – you simply walked through the doorway. You will never get out of a house or out of a room unless you use the door.

You are now in the kingdom of darkness. How do you get out of this place? How do you get into the kingdom of God?

There is only one way out and in. You must walk through the door. On the other side of the door is another kingdom, another world. It is the “kingdom of His dear Son.” To get into that kingdom you must go through the door. If you do not go through the door you will remain in satan’s domain. That door is Jesus Christ.

Issue # 5 – Christ the Healer

Two thousand years ago Jesus Christ paid the price for 1) your eternal life and 2) your health. Those are two of the reasons He went to the cross. You have heard, perhaps, that He was killed by the Romans. But Jesus laid down His life freely. He could have called a legion of angels to come to His rescue, but that would have defeated His objective. He came for this very purpose…the CROSS.


He did it for you. You have to see that. If someone died in order to save your life when you were an infant, wouldn’t you want to know about it? Wouldn’t you demand to know all the details? Like….. who was he?….. where did he come from?….. what was his name?….. why did he do it?….. what did he save me from?

Well, someone did die for you. That is the truth. It really happened.

Why wouldn’t you want to know about it? Why shouldn’t you demand to know the details? Like….. who was He?….. where did He come from?….. what was His name?….. why did He do it?….. what did He save me from?s

Really, why wouldn’t you want to know?

Again, He died to save you from the penalty of your sins, and He died to save you from sickness and disease and infirmity and poverty.

The price has been paid. In full. True, you may never appropriate the wonderful gifts Jesus paid for on your behalf. You may die in sickness and enter into an eternity of remorse. Nonetheless, the price has been paid, and deliverance from sin and sickness is yours for the receiving.

This fifth edition of The Main Issue is about the healing and health of your body. As you read this paper you will be amazed to discover the outstanding things God has done in ‘hopeless’ cases. You will see just how awesome your Creator is. And you will have a deeper insight into His love for you.

But first I want to again challenge you….. Why wouldn’t you want to know about the One who laid down His life on your behalf?

Is it simply that you don’t believe it? Or….. could it be you are ashamed to identify with Christ? You sense, perhaps, that you will lose the approval of friends and loved ones if you acknowledge Jesus as the One who saved you. And you’re probably right.

I once heard a story of a young lady who, as an infant, was saved from fire by her mother. The child was uninjured but Mother’s face was horribly disfigured, so much so that she always hid when her daughter brought friends home. One day Mother was taken by surprise. The daughter walked through the door unexpectedly from college with a few friends when Mother was halfway up the stairs. For a few seconds Mother found herself staring at her daughter’s friends’ horrified faces and then she darted out of sight. “Who was that?!” the friends asked. “Oh, that’s just the maid,” the embarrassed daughter replied.

I invite you to read about that disfigured Person who hung by three nails on a Roman cross two thousand years ago on your behalf.

There is a solution for that sickness or infirmity in your body. There is a connection between your healing and the cross of Christ. Scattered throughout this paper are a number of mini-lessons for your perusal. These lessons are digestible, helpful and inspiring, knowledge to the uninformed, hope to the hopeless.

Issue # 4 – Heaven and Hell

Caution! Brace yourself for an extraordinary ride as The Main Issue takes you through an excursion that will surely impact your life. Indeed, to read it may take a pinch of courage. But not reading would rob yourself of life-giving knowledge.

You think about it once in a while – heaven and hell – but it can be scary. Some have told you they are both myths, something Christians invented to entice/scare you into the Christian fold. But what does the Bible say?

The Bible. It all rests on the Bible. If the Bible is true then what this book has to say about heaven and hell must likewise be true.

So what does the Bible say about heaven and hell? And has anyone ever seen these places and come back to tell about them? You are about to find out. So take courage, fasten your seat belt, open your mind, and hang on! And away we go!!

Issue # 3 – The Bible: Just Another Book?

Your problem has a remedy. That remedy is found in the Bible, the book that changes lives and sets people free.

This edition of The Main Issue deals with the Bible. The Christian community claims the Bible to be God’s Word to man. Indeed, within its own pages are some very bold statements regarding its own worth. The Bible does, in fact, claim to be inspired by God, a very bold assertion.

The Bible says, “He who despises the word will be destroyed.” And the Bible records the teaching of Jesus, that any person who lives according to any other word will suffer calamity.

There are so many other teachings and sayings and philosophies and traditions on which men build. And each of these has its books. But there is no book to compare with the Bible. None comes remotely close.

Surely it makes good sense to determine for oneself the actual caliber of this most intriguing book. In this edition of The Main Issue you will learn things you have never known, information that will astound you, challenge you, and give you a new respect for this holy literature.

The Bible has always had its enemies, striving to belittle your confidence in its pages. The Bible: just another book? challenges those enemies.

Is the Bible just another book? Or is it truly inspired of God and able to meet your problems? You are the judge. The Main Issue presents the evidence. You have a verdict to make.

Christians believe the Bible is inspired by God, and is therefore divine and infallible. Scattered throughout this paper is evidence for your consideration – information that will hopefully secure for all time your trust in this great literature. The Bible: just another book? You are the judge. The Main Issue presents the evidence. What is your verdict?