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My Testimony (The Windsor Star)

I was a slender eighteen-year-old standing on the curbside of Huron Line Road near the Ambassador Bridge, an army duffel bag at my side. I ws thumbing for a ride that would take me away from Windsor to somewhere else. Anywhere else. I had to find a better life. I was number eight of nine […]

November 14th, 2022

Monday, November 14th, 2022 My name is Larry Jones. I want to share with you a very special moment in which I was thoroughly impacted, blessed and fortified. This occurred recently, Monday November 14th, 2022. As I share this significant happening that came my way via a few words from a newsletter article, I am […]


Hello JESUS IMAGE This is a very serious message directed to those young (and not-so-young) enthusiastic christians I see on the “Jesus Image” live-streamed meetings Sunday mornings and evenings. The issue is money, your money, and more specifically, the money you donate. My name is Larry Jones. I live in Kelowna, BC, Canada. (Unlike Florida, […]

Beware of controllers

Beware of controllers! Again I say, beware of controllers! A controller is not satisfied to influence (I want to influence others, including you), but has a need to manipulate your christianity. Controllers in marriage will not be satisfied until his/her spouse is fully compliant. In the secular word, controllers often seek positions of authority whereby […]

No Comment?

Question: WHY DON’T YOU COMMENT? Why don’t you comment to postings (regarding spiritual concerns) on social media platforms? You have attended church regularly for years and you were never allowed to publicly comment on what Pastor Whoever teaches. Your perspective is simply not wanted, not by Pastor Whoever or by other pew-people. However, you have […]

Dear FB Friends

My name is Larry Jones. I want to share with you a very special moment in which I was thoroughly impacted, blessed and fortified. This occurred recently, Monday November 14th, 2022. As I share this significant happening that came my way via a few words from a newsletter article, I am confident you will also […]

Dear Bill

title: DEAR BILL…. sub-title: an open letter to Bill Johnson of Bethel Church author: Larry Jones   Chapter one Dear Bill…. “Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.” The purpose of this open letter is to relay truths that I have garnered over almost fifty years of christianity […]

Dear Pastor Whoever

  Dear Pastor Whoever…. We both know there is “one Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus.” But do you realize there is “one Mediator” between Christ and christian, none other than the Holy Spirit? As Jesus was a Sent-One (“the Father sent Me”) so the Holy Spirit is a Sent-One (“the Helper…. […]

333 Words

333 WORDS…. Imagine… you have been working in your field, say, 15 hours. Like non-stop. Behold the dozen bushels of harvest that sweat and more sweat have earned you. The guy’s meager 5 bushels in the adjacent field makes you feel, well, somewhat superior. That is until…. Until you gander at the other neighbor. 25 […]

The Way It Is

———————————————————————————–     THE WAY IT IS   Table of Contents The Author Introduction Part One: The Way It Is Preface to Part 1    Does It Really Matter?    “Judge,…. Judge Not”    Ephesians 4:11    Spiritual Gifts    Leadership    Elders    The Holy Spirit and You    The Holy Spirit in the Assembly    Jesus and You    Teachers    Pastors    Denominations    Money […]

Issue # 10 – Jesus Christ: King of Kings and Lord of Lords

Jesus. Jesus Christ is by far the most remarkable person ever to live. No one compares. No one comes close. Jesus is in a caliber of His own. John the baptist, a great man by human standard, said of Jesus, “(His) sandal strap I am not worthy to unloose.” An officer sent to arrest Jesus […]

Issue # 8 – Heroes of the Faith

Stephen is the first known martyr for Christ and just maybe the first real hero of the faith. Stephen confronted the religious leaders, those who coerced Pilate to crucify Christ, with the truth. And the truth made them angry enough to kill. Just like the truth spoken by Jesus made them angry enough to kill. […]

Issue # 7 – Christianity vs Religion

WE GET PHONE CALLS!! No, not all phone calls are angry calls, less than fifteen or twenty percent. Most callers are polite and offer encouragement. It seems, however, The Main Issue steps on a lot of toes. There are many who do not want to hear about things that matter. And yet people have the […]

Issue # 6 – Two Kingdoms

There is a kingdom of light. There is a kingdom of darkness. Jesus verifies both kingdoms. The Bible often makes reference to the kingdom of light. The Bible often makes reference to the kingdom of darkness. Every Christian is a citizen of the domain of light. Every non-Christian is a citizen of the domain of […]

Issue # 5 – Christ the Healer

Two thousand years ago Jesus Christ paid the price for 1) your eternal life and 2) your health. Those are two of the reasons He went to the cross. You have heard, perhaps, that He was killed by the Romans. But Jesus laid down His life freely. He could have called a legion of angels […]

Issue # 4 – Heaven and Hell

Caution! Brace yourself for an extraordinary ride as The Main Issue takes you through an excursion that will surely impact your life. Indeed, to read it may take a pinch of courage. But not reading would rob yourself of life-giving knowledge. You think about it once in a while – heaven and hell – but […]

Issue # 3 – The Bible: Just Another Book?

Your problem has a remedy. That remedy is found in the Bible, the book that changes lives and sets people free. This edition of The Main Issue deals with the Bible. The Christian community claims the Bible to be God’s Word to man. Indeed, within its own pages are some very bold statements regarding its […]

A Catholic No More

A   C A T H O L I C   N O   M O R E   I N T R O D U C T I O N   Yesterday was the last day of August, 2008, and I was walking in a park. Not much of a park, this park, a ten minute walk-around […]

Another Ninety-Five

P R O L O G U E My neighbor across the road, one house north, so close I could hit his house with a snowball, is a good brother in the Lord Jesus, a pastor of a small church. My neighbor across the road, one house north, so close I could hit his house […]

Like Really

Born Choosers We are not born winners…. we are not born losers…. we are born choosers…. like really.

Pulpit Power

INTRODUCTION A pastor, a plumber, a pulpit Bryden Falls Community Christian Center Bryden Falls…..skirting the Canada-U.S. border……somewhere in western Canada The Challengers……a church men’s baseball team……in a secular league Challenging American baseball supremacy

Financing the Great Commission

FROM THE AUTHOR This book is dedicated and addressed to the student of the Word. Not every Christian is a student of the Word, though each should be. I define a student of the Word as: a serious inquisitor into the ways of God by the study of the Bible for the purpose of embracing […]

So You Want To Start A House Church

Article # one: Intro So you want to start a house church. Could be a good idea. But first…. Perhaps it would be wise to inquire of the Lord Jesus, “Lord, I (we) would like to start a house church. Do You approve? Will You give me (us) permission to initiate this work?” A house […]

Leave or Stay?

Article # one: Intro Leave or stay? Leave the evangelical church system (be it denominational or inter- or non-), or stay and make the best of it. Most likely you have never read a book dealing with this pointed question. (Perhaps such a book has yet to be invented.) Yet surely this issue, cautiously hidden […]

Vines and Branches

Article # one: Intro Jesus called Himself a door (“I am the door”), bread (“I am the bread which came down from heaven”), light (“I am the light of the world”) and a vine (“I am the true vine”). We walk through Jesus the door to enter the Father’s kingdom, we eat the “bread of […]

Far and Near

Article # one: Merf and Mannie Far or near. Far from Christ or near to Christ. Or somewhere in between. Positionally, we are equal. The Lord has given everyone everything. We are “heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ.” But not so relationally. Whereas our position is determined by Christ, our relationship is determined […]

They Don’t Want Him!

Article # one: Intro There is something wrong. The born-again experience should initiate a fruitful christian lifestyle. The babe in Christ should soon become an adult warrior. Childhood is something to be passed through. The intended outcome of the newborn is an adult, a woman or a man, mature and able. Paul was such a […]