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No Comment?


Why don’t you comment to postings (regarding spiritual concerns) on social media platforms? You have attended church regularly for years and you were never allowed to publicly comment on what Pastor Whoever teaches. Your perspective is simply not wanted, not by Pastor Whoever or by other pew-people. However, you have opportunity to publicly respond to various articles you read on Facebook (etcetera), but you don’t. Oh yes, you sometimes volunteer an occasional “Amen!”, but no comment. Why?

Facebook is my platform. Through FB I reach dozens of countries and, more important, I have reached you. My message to christians is: Repent of dethroning Lord Jesus from the throne of your life and return to “first love”. Most christians once loved Jesus more than they love Jesus today. Not only more, but much more. Some have replaced Jesus with love for money, love for family, love for spouse, love for this and love for that. I write, mostly, of another idol, oblivious to most, that has captured the heart of most christians…. religion.

Since most born-again christians are attached to one of evangelicalism’s many offshoot religions (I define religion as a set of traditions, “commandments of men”), and since evangelicalism is “first love” to most evangelicals (“first love” can be easily identified; it’s that which we obey), I expose accepted evangelical teachings, comparing them with New Testament writings. Why? Hopefully, some (a few?) will consider, repent, and return Lord Jesus to His rightful place (“first love”) in their hearts.

You have read several of my postings, but never commented. You have opportunity to respond, to express, to agree or disagree, but you never do. Never. There may be several reasons for this, but, in my opinion, the most predominate reason is fear of man. Let me explain….

You have been bunched together with other christians. More correctly, you have allowed yourself to be bunched into an evangelical bunch (grouped with a group, clustered into a cluster, herded into a herd, flocked into a flock). The bunch, in time, became your focus, your comfort, your guide, your teacher, your ministry…. yes, “first love”. Acceptance by your group is critical; rejection is dreadful. You will pay a high price for acceptance; you will never risk rejection.  

Religion is the ingredient used to glue your group together and bind you to your group. You must understand that it’s not Jesus that binds evangelicals to evangelicals; it is evangelicalism. Are you beginning to understand why you don’t COMMENT? A favourable comment to one of my postings, or any posting challenging evangelicalism, will likely result in suspicion, even disfavour. To be accepted, you must keep in step. Contrary perspectives are simply unwanted.

Within your bunch is a brother you fear more than all others combined. His salary and credentials and the powerful pulpit make him highly esteemed, even venerated. Acceptance within the group necessitates this man’s approval. You sense he won’t tolerate the slightest hint of challenging his authority, his teachings and the religion he represents. Since there is a chance he will read or hear of your remarks, you choose the obvious solution: No COMMENT.

Oh the price you have paid for man’s approval. You have been muzzled, manipulated, managed and fleeced by religion and religionists. Loyalty to Christ (as evidenced by loyalty to His Bible) has long ago been shifted to religionists (as evidenced by loyalty to “commandments of men”). You once followed Christ; you now follow christians. You give very little consideration to the upcoming “judgement seat of Christ” because you sense it won’t be a pleasant experience.

So I leave you with this question: WHY DON’T YOU COMMENT? (No comment?)